World London Police Report 'Incident' on London Bridge
Author: 0 London Police Report 'Incident' on London Bridge

One witness told the BBC she saw a speeding white van veering into pedestrians at London Bridge. They also issued safety instructions to those in the areas of the incidents, warning people to run, hide, and contact police when it is safe to do so.

Author: 0 Trump, Abbas Call for Revival of Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks

The President said that only when remembering the families "torn apart from everyone they loved, who suffered that bad darkness and evil, who endured the unbearable horror of the Holocaust, only then can we prevent this agony from ever repeating".

World Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner taking 'heads down' approach
Author: 0 Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner taking 'heads down' approach

Kushner, according to several news accounts, sought to create the secret communications link with Moscow as he met with the Kremlin's ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak , early last December. The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee cited a Reuters report in calling for an investigation into "potentially fraudulent statements and misrepresentations" in marketing materials for a Kushner Companies real estate project, which suggested investors might be able to obtain U.S.

Author: 0 Meeting with Abbas, Trump calls Manchester attackers 'evil losers'

Trump, believe me". "This confirms the bet on the American role to be just towards the Palestinians is a losing bet and the selling of an illusion", Barhoum said. Pro-Israeli lawmakers in the United States have objected to American aid to the Palestinians, claiming the money is used to make payments to the families of prisoners - who are considered "freedom fighters" among many Palestinians.

World Huma Abedin Files for Divorce From Anthony Weiner
Author: 0 Huma Abedin Files for Divorce From Anthony Weiner

Authorities have been investigating reports that Weiner , 52, sent explicit messages a year ago to a teenage girl in North Carolina. The day was marked by an emotional courtroom confession and news that Weiner's estranged wife, Huma Abedin , filed for divorce after a separation that began previous year amid the evolving sex scandal.

World Germany, China vow to deepen partnership amid global uncertainty
Author: 0 Germany, China vow to deepen partnership amid global uncertainty

Berlin was the first stop in Europe for Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, amid growing concern in Germany over some of Mr Trump's policies, especially on climate change and protectionism. Li is expected also to sign a joint statement reaffirming China and EU's commitment to the Paris Agreement. Producing 30% of global carbon emissions, China is ideally placed-and perhaps even obligated-to lead on climate policy.

Author: 0 Trump administration may return U.S. compounds to Russian Federation

The Obama administration characterized the properties as such when it revoked Russian ownership in late December as part of broader sanctions related to the election meddling. The Russian government was unable to offer a similar response, which for Putin and his cabinet raises a question of whether the USA has no spies, or whether the Russians are just bad at finding them.

Author: 0 Trump expected to delay US embassy move to Jerusalem

US officials say the process of moving the embassy would take at least six months and involve major adjustments in security, office and housing space and staffing at both the existing facility in Tel Aviv and the consulate general in Jerusalem .

World Donald Trump's Middle East Comment in Israel
Author: 0 Donald Trump's Middle East Comment in Israel

Trump received a warm welcome in Tel Aviv after becoming the first USA president to include Israel on his maiden overseas trip. Having met both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump declared that both leaders were willing to work with him to achieve the goal of peace.

Author: 0 Trump's communications director Mike Dubke has resigned

According to Priebus, Dubke "will remain on board until a transition is concluded". White House communications director Michael Dubke has resigned . Kushner "has a strong team around him working on every part of his portfolio", a source close to Trump's son-in-law said, adding he wasn't planning on leaving, at least of his own volition.

World Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman's power in costume
Author: 0 Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman's power in costume

Wonder Woman is an origin story, and as such it runs down everything you need to know about Diana - where she's from, how she was raised, what her objective in life is, and how she came to be the fearless heroine we know and love. Hopefully, Wonder Woman will teach audiences that men sometimes need to be rescued, and that's not just OK - it's normal, and something to embrace.

Author: 0 Macron holds 'extremely frank' talks with Putin

Mr Macron said any use of chemical weapons in Syria was a " red line " for France and would be met by "reprisals" and an "immediate riposte" from the French Government, Mr Macron said . Monday's meeting comes in the wake of the Group of Seven's summit over the weekend where relations with Russian Federation were part of the agenda, making Macron the first Western leader to speak to Putin after the talks.

World UN Security Council vows sanctions over N. Korea missile test
Author: 0 UN Security Council vows sanctions over N. Korea missile test

A UN Security Council meeting has now been called by the US, South Korea and Japan for tomorrow (May 16) to discuss North Korea's actions, said diplomats. Leader Kim Jong-Un's ambition is to develop a nuclear weapon capable of striking the United States . "We call upon the DPRK not to disregard existing opportunities for dialogue and to cease its behaviour which serves only to harm peace and security in the region", it said.

World Brush fire on Los Angeles hillside sparked by weed whacker
Author: 0 Brush fire on Los Angeles hillside sparked by weed whacker

Mandeville Canyon Road at around 12:46 p.m. PT on Sunday. A fire burning in Mandeville Canyon above Brentwood was threatening nearby home Sunday afternoon as more than 100 firefighters worked to contain the blaze. The fire scorched about five acres before it was contained. Authorities have confirmed the fire started from sparks from a weed-trimmer. Eventually five houses were evacuated, Stewart said.

World European allies see the two sides of Trump
Author: 0 European allies see the two sides of Trump

Trump drilled in on every stop he made during the week on a trip that took him from Saudi Arabia to Israel and the West Bank, the Vatican, Brussels and, finally, Italy. Once again, the President's associates' contacts with Russian officials hung like a dark cloud over his powerhouse diplomatic efforts - especially at this summit, where discussion of Russian actions will take center stage.

Author: 0 Scott Dixon Walked Away From A Horrifying Crash At The Indy 500

Somehow, Dixon was still able to stand and speak. Dixon bounced off and went airborne , turning over once before landing on all four wheels. Helio Castroneves was also fortunate after driving underneath the airborne Dixon. "It was a wild ride for sure", Dixon said. Afterwards Dixon spoke of the frightening incident: 'I'm glad everybody was OK. The safety tub of the auto, however, did hold together.

World Rouhani: Iran's help key to regional stability
Author: 0 Rouhani: Iran's help key to regional stability

Rouhani won this week's Iranian presidential election with a resounding majority, a sign that most Iranians wish to keep on the president's course of reform and modernization. But who funded the terrorists? Many experts are skeptical that a president can effect a huge change in the country as he is subordinate to the supreme leader, who is chosen by a clerical panel and has veto power over all policies and control over the security forces.

Author: 0 Trump delays decision on Paris climate accord

The leaders had all left before the protest began. President Donald Trump will make a decision next week on whether or not he will keep his campaign promise to withdraw the USA from the Paris climate agreement . The delay from the being seen as an area for concern for advocates of global action to confront climate change. On trade, the statement reiterated the leaders' commitment to keeping markets open to fighting protectionism.

World Schapelle Corby lands in Australia
Author: 0 Schapelle Corby lands in Australia

As Corby remained holed up in her Kuta villa in the days before "D-day", as it is known here, anticipation built to a fever pitch. Within hours that figure had swollen to 30,000-and-growing. Once on a main road the auto was escorted by two armoured vehicles. He said once Corby signs her release she will be handed over to immigration officers who will escort her out of the country.

World Man arrested at Comicon carrying guns, knives
Author: 0 Man arrested at Comicon carrying guns, knives

The police apprehended the man and took him in for questioning without any shots being fired. Starting on Friday, these will be the only guns permitted at Phoenix Comicon 2017. Vendors must also advise those who purchase these prop weapons that the product must remained sealed for the duration of the event. Phoenix Comicon urges convention-goers to prepare for an extended wait to enter the show, and has issued information for fans seeking refunds as a result of the policy changes.

Author: 0 Vote 2017: Tim Farron puts Brexit at heart of Liberal Democrats' manifesto

Controversially they also plan to legalise cannabis so it can be taxed and sold on the high street - which they estimate would raise £1bn in tax revenues. "Jeremy Corbyn's numbers simply don't add up, and he can't be trusted to run the economy or negotiate the right deal for Britain". After his speech, the Lib Dem leader was later asked by a nurse at the conference what action his party would take to ensure safe nurse staffing levels.

World Texas, US retail gasoline prices up before holiday weekend
Author: 0 Texas, US retail gasoline prices up before holiday weekend

The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report said Thursday the national average for regular gasoline was $2.37, up 3 cents from a week ago. Dallas is just a penny cheaper with an average gas price of $2.20. A year ago aside, gasoline prices in Colorado and nationally are at their lowest levels since the Memorial Day holiday of 2009, when the country was trying to shake off a recession.

World Rahul Gandhi leaves for violence-hit Saharanpur despite no permission
Author: 0 Rahul Gandhi leaves for violence-hit Saharanpur despite no permission

Congress's Saharanpur district chief Sashi Wali, who had sought permission for Rahul's visit, told The Indian Express on Friday: "The district administration denied permission, but Rahul Gandhi will come to Saharanpur tomorrow". "It was also witnessed that since April 20 violence, the intensity of such incidents has been on a rise and somewhere it has been felt that there was something lacking in the police administration", he said.

World Former CIA head to answer questions about Russian meddling
Author: 0 Former CIA head to answer questions about Russian meddling

Burr added that if there is no response from Flynn, the committee may consider pursuing a contempt of Congress charge. Responding to the subpoena, Kelner's letter to Burr and Warner claims Flynn was eager to "give a full account of the facts".