World Group protests ban on jallikattu
Author: 0 Group protests ban on jallikattu

Why Did The Supreme Court Ban The Sport? A government led by Modi's predecessor did order a ban in 2011 but it was effectively ignored until last year's Supreme Court ruling. Their protests in Bengaluru on Thursday also laid bare their anger against Pepsi and Coca-Cola, which they want banned from Tamil Nadu. If not by birth, at least by the force of emotion and pride I am a Tamilian.

Author: 0 Theresa May: Martin McGuinness moved Republican movement towards peace

He added a new candidate to lead the party into the elections will be announced next week and that while his electoral career has come to an end, his political career has not. "He and I first met over 45 years ago behind the barricades in Free Derry and have been friends and comrades since", said Adams, who tweeted that he was crying in his vehicle after the announcement.

World Trump Adviser Says Not Expecting US-China Trade War
Author: 0 Trump Adviser Says Not Expecting US-China Trade War

Defending his visit to the US, You told a press conference on Thursday that the One China policy applies to the US but not Taiwan, adding that Taiwan hopes Washington will stick to the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act; which compels the US to help Taiwan defend itself.

Author: 0 Oil prices will be much more volatile in 2017: IEA

Brent crude, the global benchmark, lost more than $2 a barrel to settle at less than $55. He added that a recent trend of declining Chinese oil production due to low prices could be reversed if the market strengthened. OPEC expects Russian Federation production to drop significantly in compliance with a recent deal, helping to offset USA and Canadian increases. OPEC has agreed to slash output by 1.2million barrels for the first six months of 2017 in an attempt to address a surplus.

Author: 0 CIA Director Brennan Warns Trump To "Watch What He Says"

Outgoing CIA director John Brennan slammed President-elect Donald Trump for accusing the spy agency of leaking damaging information on him and comparing it to something Nazi Germany "would have done and did do". Follow Rachel Sutherland on Twitter: @ SutherlandFOX .@ FoxNews "Outgoing CIA Chief, John Brennan , blasts Pres-Elect Trump on Russian Federation threat.

Author: 0 Sisters Found Alive In Texas After Being Kidnapped By Mother In 1985

Rhode Island State Police say they have arrested the mother of two girls abducted more than 30 years ago. The girls' mother was using the name Leina Waldberg, police said. He described her as being very cooperative with investigators since police knocked on her door Monday. Police said Kimberly and Kelly Yates were "interviewed", but their current identities will not be released.

Author: 0 6 devotees die in stampede during Gangasagar fair

My thoughts are with the families of the deceased,"PMO India tweeted quoting Modi". Six pilgrims died today and they were all old women. The sick were admitted at the camp hospital near Kachuberia and were attended to by a team of doctors. They had been waiting for a long time and had become restless so there was a stampede-like incident. The incident left at least six people killed. They said the victims "died due to the cold".

Author: 0 SpaceX launches Iridium NEXT satellites

Ten minutes after the rocket took off, its first stage booster unit was jettisoned and safely recovered in the upright position on a so-called "droneship" in the Pacific. Iridium is using the satellites to develop a revamped voice and data communications network, dubbed NEXT. Iridium says the NEXT satellites, delivered to low Earth orbit, are created to provide "real time connections between people, organizations and assets to and from anywhere".

World What The End Of 'Wet-Foot, Dry-Foot' Means For Cubans
Author: 0 What The End Of 'Wet-Foot, Dry-Foot' Means For Cubans

The change in the policy would effectively mean Cubans are treated like other immigrants in that those who enter the United States illegally would be subject to return, according to the White House. Sen. U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro shake hands in Havana on Monday. It was announced abruptly because advance warning might have inspired thousands more people to take to the seas between the Communist-ruled island and Florida in order to beat a deadline.

World US Troops Arrive In Poland, But Will Trump Keep Them There?
Author: 0 US Troops Arrive In Poland, But Will Trump Keep Them There?

The arrival of the troops will be announced in official ceremonies on Saturday. But whether President-elect Donald Trump - who is highly critical of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - will withdraw the brigade after taking office is a question mark, said Michael Mazarr, associate director of the RAND Arroyo Center's Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program.

World UAE welcomes lifting of partial U.S. sanctions on Sudan
Author: 0 UAE welcomes lifting of partial U.S. sanctions on Sudan

The U.S. eased some trade sanctions on Sudan dating back two decades, citing the African nation's progress toward cooperating on anti-terrorism efforts, reducing "offensive" military actions and increasing access for humanitarian groups. Sudan is one of only three countries still identified as such after Cuba was removed from the list in 2015. US President Barack Obama took the controversial step of easing some economic sanctions against Sudan Friday, trying to improve relations with a ...

World Lord Snowdon dead: Princess Margaret's former husband dies aged 86
Author: 0 Lord Snowdon dead: Princess Margaret's former husband dies aged 86

However, they separated after 16 years of marriage, with the the divorce being finalised in 1978. He divorced the Queen's sister Princess Margaret in 1978 after rumours of her having an affair surfaced. A polio survivor, he overcame a disability to achieve a storied career with works appearing in publications such as The Sunday Times , Vanity Fair , Vogue , and The Telegraph .

World Roadmap agreed at Cyprus reunification talks - Turkish FM
Author: 0 Roadmap agreed at Cyprus reunification talks - Turkish FM

Foreign ministers of Turkey, Greece and Britain, the three so-called guarantor powers, attended the global conference. Turkey has had more than 35,000 troops stationed in the island's Turkish-speaking north since 1974, when it invaded in response to a coup aiming at union with Greece.

World What is Marine Le Pen doing at Trump Tower?
Author: 0 What is Marine Le Pen doing at Trump Tower?

Also sighted with Ms Le Pen was George "Guido" Lombardi, an Italian businessman who lives in Trump Tower and whom Politico described as Mr Trump's "self-professed contact to Europe's far-right parties". 'We don't communicate about private visits '. The group Human Rights Watch mentioned both Trump and Le Pen in a report warning that the rise of populist leaders threatens global human rights.

World Snowboarder caught in Whistler avalanche saved by inflatable backpack
Author: 0 Snowboarder caught in Whistler avalanche saved by inflatable backpack

A fellow boarder then appears and asks if Oye is alright. " That was a little scary ", he says when he realises he's safe. " That was a little scary ". A portion of the red inflatable backpack is visible in the video. "Having seen him come off motorbikes and that sort of thing, you know, you're a bit prepared I guess".

World Good Samaritan kills man who shot, beat officer
Author: 0 Good Samaritan kills man who shot, beat officer

Soon thereafter, another man happened upon the scene when he noticed the suspect repeatedly slamming Andersson's head into the pavement. When the good Samaritan asked the suspect to stop, the assailant ignored the order - a decision that didn't bode well for the trooper's attacker.

Author: 0 M&S post sales resurgence over Christmas period

For the 13 weeks to the end of December, the company's financial third quarter, M&S reported total year-on-year sales growth of 5.9%, with sales in constant currencies rising 4.3%. Chief Executive Rowe said that M&S had a "good" Christmas and that customers looking for clothes had responded to its " better ranges, better availability and better prices ".

Author: 0 Woman dies in plane crash on Queensland beach

The 13-year-old boy is believed to have had family on the plane that landed safely. The crash, which occurred just before 11am local time, took place during an excursion to the remote Middle Island. A Queensland police spokesman confirmed the death, saying officers were trying to identify the woman to contact next of kin. "Because of the location and communications it's hard to ascertain who the deceased was".

Author: 0 Dylann Roof Doesn't Testify in Death Penalty Trial

Prosecutors also produced evidence that Roof continued to express his white supremacist ideology after his arrest, showing no remorse in his writing in a jail cell journal. "Y'all are taking over the world", Roof said. About a half-hour earlier, the prosecution had rested their case. Almost two dozen friends and relatives of those gunned down at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston testified during the sentencing phase about how Roof's crimes have affected their lives.

Author: 0 Islamic State claims responsiblity for auto bomb attack in Baghdad

The Daesh terrorist organisation claimed responsibility for a vehicle bomb blast at a vegetable market in eastern Baghdad on Sunday. Interior Ministry said a suicide auto bomb ripped through a wholesale market in the neighborhood of Sadr City, killing at least seven people and wounding fifteen others.

World This Law Could Still Stop Donald Trump, Says This Constitutional Expert
Author: 0 This Law Could Still Stop Donald Trump, Says This Constitutional Expert

A teller declared that "the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of Arkansas seems to be regular in form and authentic and it appears therefrom that Donald J. We can not allow a foreign nation to ever influence our elections because it harms our liberty, freedom and independence. Unfortunately, the U.S. voters now can not enjoy the basic democratic essences of elections.

World Dates for 5 state assembly elections set
Author: 0 Dates for 5 state assembly elections set

As per the India Today -Axis Opinion Poll , the BJP is not only likely to comeback to power in Goa, it may win in Uttarakhand as well. A pre-poll survey on Wednesday predicted that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will emerge as the single largest party in Uttar Pradesh in the seven-phase Assembly elections.

Author: 0 Law Enforcement Officials Investigate Central Square Bank Robbery

Earlier Thursday, police said they were investigating whether Morales is the same man who attempted to rob a bank in Cambridge. Authorities say they are working around the clock to capture Morales and warn that he should be considered armed and extremely risky.

World Taiwanese president stirs controversy with planned USA stops
Author: 0 Taiwanese president stirs controversy with planned USA stops

She will make another stopover in San Francisco from January 13-14 on her return journey, he added. Tsai said her administration expected 2017 to bring uncertainties, particularly in the first half, noting that the incoming USA administration could produce "changes in worldwide affairs".

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