World Canada takes guns from & expels Texans who crossed ME border
Author: 0 Canada takes guns from & expels Texans who crossed ME border

South of the border, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump provoked fresh debate this month over gun rights when he appeared to suggest that "Second Amendment people", who view gun ownership as a constitutional right, could take dislike for his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton into their own hands.

World Syrian government, Kurds reach truce in Hasakeh
Author: 0 Syrian government, Kurds reach truce in Hasakeh

The Turkish army begun firing artillery rounds into the Syrian border town of Jarablus at around 0100 GMT, Anadolu said. After three hours, al-Cadiri was killed by sniper fire in the town of Sheykler. He described the outcome as a "step forward" for the Kurdish groups that want a federal solution to the Syrian war to safeguard their autonomy. The Kurdish Hawar News Agency says government forces and pro-government militias have agreed to withdraw from Hasakeh and leave it in under the control ...

World Obama handled Iran ransome like a drug deal: GOP Senator
Author: 0 Obama handled Iran ransome like a drug deal: GOP Senator

The White House continues to deny that the secret cash payment of $400 million to Iran in January was a ransom for four American hostages despite statements made by the State Department indicating otherwise. The $400 million in case that the US sent to Iran in January arrived the same day Iran released four American prisoners. The discussions were concluded at about the same time because last year's nuclear deal with Iran opened a new channel of communication between the Islamic Republic and ...

Author: 0 Trump on 'radical Islamic terrorism'

To put these new procedures in place, Trump said the country will have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most unsafe and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism . Trump appeared to stick mostly to his prepared remarks Monday while renewing his allegations that Obama, abetted by Clinton , by design or negligence presided over the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria .

World Trump hammers claim of fraud in new ad as early voting nears
Author: 0 Trump hammers claim of fraud in new ad as early voting nears

When race is thrown into lack of education, Trump does really well. Both sides want it badly. Clinton's campaign responded today by fact checking every line of the new ad saying her immigration plan would not create open borders and claims national security experts have agreed Trump's plan would make America less safe.

World U.S. scrambles jets to protect Kurdish allies from Syrian warplanes
Author: 0 U.S. scrambles jets to protect Kurdish allies from Syrian warplanes

A direct clash between US forces and Syria's military would have led to unpredictable consequences, given Mr. Assad's alliance with Iran and Russian Federation. On the other hand, though Assad has been much more successful in the war since Russian Federation entered last November, it might not make much sense for him to fight with the USA directly, especially since the YPG is not the threat to his regime that some rebel groups are.

World Hillary Clinton ordered to answer questions about private email use
Author: 0 Hillary Clinton ordered to answer questions about private email use

The soon-to-be-released publication describes a conversation between several former secretaries of state and Hillary Clinton in her early months of tenure at a small dinner party. The conservative watchdog group wanted to depose Clinton in person, but the judge ruled written answers would be just fine. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who has led the group in obtaining previously uncovered emails and documents relating to Benghazi, which kicked off the House Select Committee on ...

World Protesters in South Korea shave their heads against THAAD
Author: 0 Protesters in South Korea shave their heads against THAAD

North Korea's government-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Sunday said that the country was ready to deliver a pre-emptive strike against United States armed forces in case of provocative actions in the Asia-Pacific Region. In the Seongju protest, hundreds of protestors sat in silence while their heads were shaved, and also chanted "No THAAD!" Chinese reaction to South Korea's joint decision has played a role in stoking public opposition to THAAD deployment.

World USA election: Hillary Clinton releases her tax returns
Author: 0 USA election: Hillary Clinton releases her tax returns

The Clinton campaign has already started accusing Trump of paying zero taxes, challenging him to release his own tax returns . "You care very deeply about the 270th electoral vote, but there are also important reasons to care about winning big", said Geoff Garin, a pollster for Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign who now advises the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action.

Author: 0 Islamic Cleric Gulen Believes US to Refuse Turkey's Extradition Request

US Vice President Joe Biden is also scheduled to visit Turkey next week. ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey's prime minister says his government wants the United States to speed up procedures for the extradition of US -based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom Turkey accuses of orchestrating last month's violent coup attempt.

World World's largest glass bridge opens in China
Author: 0 World's largest glass bridge opens in China

The unique pillar-like mountain formation in Zhangjiajie appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster movie " Avatar " and won great popularity among Chinese and global tourists. A visitor strikes the glass-bottomed bridge with a hammer for a safety test at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon on June 25. The world's highest and longest glass bridge located in Central China will finally open to the public on Saturday, BBC News reported.

Author: 0 Saudi-led coalition probes deadly strike on Yemen hospital

World Health Organization spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said all remaining patients and staff have been evacuated from the hospital that was partially destroyed. "Once again, a fully functional hospital full of patients and MSF national and global staff members, was bombed in a war that has shown no respect for medical facilities or patients", said Teresa Sancristoval of MSF's emergency unit in Yemen.

World Orthodox Jew Stabbed in French City by Man with 'Psychiatric History'
Author: 0 Orthodox Jew Stabbed in French City by Man with 'Psychiatric History'

A Jewish rabbi has been stabbed by a knifeman in a sickening broad daylight attack. Mendel Samama , a local rabbi, said his friend Mr Levy was wearing a skullcap at the time of the stabbing. According to Le Monde, the victim, who was not named, is in stable and non life-threatening condition. But according to BFMTV , citing sources close to the enquiry, an anti-semitic motive has so far not been established and terrorism has been ruled out.

Author: 0 Annual Perseid meteor shower could put on quite a show this year

The Perseids show up every year in August when Earth ventures through trails of debris left behind by an ancient comet. "Our models predict an outburst on August 11-12 with peak rates greater than 200 meteors per hour under ideally dark skies", explained Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office.

Author: 0 Ramos and 'old friends' seek trust-building talks

Indonesia is not officially regarded as a South China Sea claimant, but China's nine-dash line territorial claim is widely believed to be eating up a portion of Indonesia's Natuna Sea. Discussions on resolving the territorial disputes would be held, but "as to where this will take place we don't know yet". The Senkakus - known as the Diaoyu Islands in Chinese - are also claimed by the Chinese, and recently tensions around the disputed features have spiked.

Author: 0 Trump reveals few details on "extreme vetting" of immigrants

Trump's test talk comes on the heels of heated criticisms of President Obama's handling of the dangers presented by the Islamic State. "This includes speaking out against the frightful practice of honor killings, where women are murdered by their relatives for dressing, marrying or acting in a way that violates fundamentalist teachings".

World Cabrera leaves Tigers-Royals game with biceps injury
Author: 0 Cabrera leaves Tigers-Royals game with biceps injury

The Tigers are the better team and need the win more but Duffy has been lights out of late and gets the bets of Verlander in this one. The first 200 people to donate will receive a promotional item from the Detroit Tigers . Kansas City is 58-60 overall, 22-39 on the road and 63-50-5 with the under. Jarrod Saltalamacchia replaced Cabrera at first base. Martinez made it 2-1 with his homer in the seventh - his second in two days and the 101st of his career.

Author: 0 Corsica Mayor bans Burkinis after Brawl between Muslims and locals

France 3 television says the ban was imposed at a special council session on Sunday in Sisco amid tensions over the brawl, in which five people were hurt. There were scuffles with police , and some in the crowd chanted "This is our home!", France's Le Monde daily reported (in French). There were three Muslim families and about a dozen teenagers from the village at the beach on Saturday.

Author: 0 Trump To Propose Ideological Test For All Potential Immigrants

But the Associated Press has reported that Trump will describe the proposed immigration restrictions , as well as his plan to declare an end to "nation building" in favor of "foreign policy realism" in the United States' global affairs that focuses on fighting "radical Islamic terrorsim".

World International Olympic Committee condemns athletes for disrespectful attitude to Yefimova
Author: 0 International Olympic Committee condemns athletes for disrespectful attitude to Yefimova

A surge in mobile dating first appeared during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi after Olympic organisers loosened strict social media guidelines that had been in place during the 2012 Summer Games in London. Russian officials have consistently said they are pursuing a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of doping, but insisted that any blanket ban would be unfair on " clean " athletes.

World Dead, 6 Injured As Militants Open Fire in Tinsukia
Author: 0 Dead, 6 Injured As Militants Open Fire in Tinsukia

A day after two Hindi-speaking migrants were killed in Ulfa-I attack at Bahbongaon in Tinsukia district, locals laid siege to NH-37 in Doomdooma on Saturday in protest against the incident. Security forces began combing operations to secure the area. Suspected ULFA-I militants exploded an improvised explosive devise (IED) on Thursday in a drain near a tea garden in Philobari but none was injured.

Author: 0 Phelps goes out with gold in 4x100m medley relay

Standing atop the medal podium for the 23rd time , Michael Phelps teared up, bit his lip and gave a little nod. He entered six weeks of inpatient therapy, where he got in touch with some of the issues that seemed to lead him astray. The 1,000 mark - a first for any country - was reached earlier Saturday, when the American women swimmers won the 4×100 meter medley relay. After Saturday's race, he told NBC, "I'm just ready for something different".

Author: 0 Florida Confirms Three New Non-Travel Zika Cases

Because the virus has not broken out statewide, it's possible numerous study's respondents were headed to areas of the state without any local Zika cases. According to a statement from the Miami-Dade County mayor's office, volunteers will hand out repellent and pamphlets about preventing mosquito bites to people attending events Saturday evening in the Wynwood arts district.

Author: 0 Turkey issues arrest warrant for ex-soccer star

The news follows a failed coup attempt in Turkey last month. Sukur had already incurred the wrath of Erdogan following a tweet that was interpreted as being insulting to the Turkish president. After football, Sukur went into politics and was in 2011 elected MP for Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development party (AKP). He, resigned in 2013 after allegations of corruptions surfaced against the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ministers.