USA Cuba rejects new US policy, saying pressure will not work
Author: 0 Cuba rejects new US policy, saying pressure will not work

My opinion: Trump's limited reversal of Obama's opening to Cuba is political theater with very little real impact. However, the United States embassy in Havana will remain open and commercial flights from the U.S. On Cuba , Trump's company actively pursued doing business on the island in 1998, according to a September 2016 Newsweek article. Russia's state-owned oil company, Rosneft, announced in early-May its deal with the Cuban government to supply 250,000 tonnes of oil and ...

USA Supreme Court to review partisan redistricting
Author: 0 Supreme Court to review partisan redistricting

The court also announced it will hear arguments in the case brought by Democrats challenging the constitutionality of the existing maps. Last November, a federal district court ruled that Republicans' 2011 gerrymandering effort in Wisconsin crossed a line and was unconstitutional.

USA Scalise's condition upgraded to serious: He 'is speaking with his loved ones'
Author: 0 Scalise's condition upgraded to serious: He 'is speaking with his loved ones'

Scalise's trauma surgeon said Friday he can hope to make an "excellent recovery", even though the lawmaker arrived at the hospital Wednesday at imminent risk of death. Scalise and other Republican congressmen were practicing at the time for an annual game between Democratic and Republican legislators that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

Author: 0 San Diego 8th-grader spells 'Polynesian' to advance in National Spelling Bee

Zheng said his most hard question was a multiple-choice question about the word "gaufrette" - a slice of potato cut to look like a waffle and then fried. Edith, now six-years-old, is home-schooled and her parents are relying on the materials provided by Scripps to prepare her. The third round of competition will start in the afternoon, and the finals are scheduled to take place Thursday.

USA Cop Who Fatally Shot Tamir Rice Fired
Author: 0 Cop Who Fatally Shot Tamir Rice Fired

Frank Garmback, the other officer who was driving the patrol vehicle at the time of the shooting , will be suspended for 10 days beginning Wednesday. The killing became part of a national outcry about police violence against minorities, particularly black boys and men. Earlier this year, the 911 dispatcher who took the call that led to the shooting was suspended for eight days.

USA ICE Raid Picks Up 10 in Santa Barbara County
Author: 0 ICE Raid Picks Up 10 in Santa Barbara County

Almost 200 people have been arrested by federal agents in southern California as part of a five-day operation targeting immigrants convicted of crimes or in the country illegally, officials said yesterday. He later returned to the country illegally, ICE said. Kelly's phrasing aside, his figures square with the latest numbers out from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Author: 0 CBO Estimate of Revised House Health Care Bill Changes Little

He sidestepped questions about how the report would impact the Senate Republicans' work to craft their own Obamacare repeal and replace bill, but said he had spoken to several senators about several provisions of the legislation. "All of this to give a GOP tax cut to the wealthiest". Congressional estimates show that the tax cuts in the House Republicans' health care package have shrunk by $69 billion.

USA Democrats May Be About To Flip Montana's At-Large House Seat
Author: 0 Democrats May Be About To Flip Montana's At-Large House Seat

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) traveled to Montana yesterday to campaign in support of Rob Quist, the Democratic candidate in the state's congressional special election. The votes may well be bellwethers on a key issue facing millions of Americans: health care. But this unassuming rural Montana area has had almost flawless accuracy in predicting Montana's federal and gubernatorial statewide elections over the past two decades.

USA Philippine police go on nationwide alert
Author: 0 Philippine police go on nationwide alert

The president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines on Wednesday asked for prayers after Maute terrorists took hostage a priest and some parishioners in Marawi City. Duterte declared martial rule for 60 days in the entire Mindanao region, the restive southern third of the Philippine archipelago. Villegas used the #PrayforMarawi and "begged" all Filipinos to "pray fervently for Fr.

USA Severe storms, tornadoes possible today
Author: 0 Severe storms, tornadoes possible today

No serious injuries were reported. The National Weather Service isn't predicting much of a chance of rain throughout today. The worst of the weather now is expected to affect regions further north, with the possibility of severe weather locally rising Wednesday.

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton Practiced How to Avoid a Hug From Donald Trump

Well, now, thanks to some great behind-the-scenes video, we know that was also on the minds of the Clinton campaign. On Thursday, The New York Times published a story quoting Benjamin Wittes, a friend of Comey's, who described the ex-FBI director's efforts during a White House reception.

USA Local officials, officers honor Brownsville Police Department
Author: 0 Local officials, officers honor Brownsville Police Department

Idaho law enforcement gathered in Meridian Thursday to honor fallen officers at the 19th Annual Idaho Peace Officers Memorial ceremony. This second event allowed surviving family members and co-workers more opportunities to learn about coping and grief, and to build important social connections.

USA Thirty hurt as school bus crashes on Maryland interstate
Author: 0 Thirty hurt as school bus crashes on Maryland interstate

According to Maryland State Police, there was a bus southbound full of Philadelphia Police Department recruits also on their way to D.C. for Police Week activities right behind the accident. The crash occurred around 9:30 a.m. and closed all lanes of the interstate in both directions when a Werner Coach rolled over on the highway. Photos and aerial video from the scene showed the bus on its side, on top of a guardrail, with debris scattered across the road.

Author: 0 Appeals court to weigh challenge to revised Trump travel ban

Although it does not explicitly mention Muslims, US District Judge Theodore Chuang of Maryland accepted arguments that Trump's history of anti-Muslim rhetoric presented "a convincing case" that the second executive decree amounted to "the realization of the long-envisioned Muslim ban".

USA Trump administration hollows out EPA science integrity board
Author: 0 Trump administration hollows out EPA science integrity board

Deborah L. Swackhamer said the affected board members' terms expired April 30. Two specific panels have been named already: The 47-member Science Advisory Board, which evaluates certain regulations and helps direct research done for the agency, and the Board of Scientific Counselors, an 18-member panel that assesses the diligence of that research.

USA Twitter Launches Live Streaming Channel on Roku
Author: 0 Twitter Launches Live Streaming Channel on Roku

The Cheddar news network's Opening Bell, The Verge's Circuit Breaker and BuzzFeed's MorningFeed will have shows on Twitter live video, as well. The app will offer the exact same live streaming videos that are available on Twitter. One of the most popular video deals to date is its agreement with the National Football League, which had resulted in live games being streamed for free each week.

Author: 0 Civil Rights Groups Vow to Battle Trump's 'Religious Liberty' Order in Court

Greenblatt. The Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty directs the IRS to provide " regulatory relief " to faith-based organizations that are tax-exempt , a White House spokesman said on Wednesday night. Currently, under the Johnson Amendment , churches are not allowed to endorse or oppose a political candidate. For the second time in his short presidency, Donald Trump signed an executive order on religious liberty that's not almost as meaningful as his ...

USA Salina to Honor Fallen Officers
Author: 0 Salina to Honor Fallen Officers

During the 44th annual Detroit Police Interfaith Memorial march, the department revealed a special patrol vehicle with decals of the names of fallen officers on the hood. "They have a memorial baton and all of the officers are listed in that memorial", said Captain Jim Halsey with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Author: 0 Trump adviser to leave the White House

Assuming the reports are accurate, it's highly unlikely that Gorka is leaving the White House by choice, particularly following a Buzzfeed report last week that suggested he lacked the necessary security clearance to even be a national security adviser.

USA Fox News Braces for More Changes Amid Signs of Turmoil
Author: 0 Fox News Braces for More Changes Amid Signs of Turmoil

Hannity also tried to get a hashtag going in support of Shine - it took a couple of tries. "Gabe i pray this is NOT true because if it is, that's the total end of the FNC as we know it", declared Hannity on Twitter . "Best Sean." He followed up by tweeting #istandwithbill . Sherman's report notes that Shine's inability to change the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News may be the reason behind his lack of job security.

USA Two More Men Were Executed in Arkansas Last Night
Author: 0 Two More Men Were Executed in Arkansas Last Night

Their deaths marked the nation's first-double execution since 2000, when Texas put condemned inmates to death on the same night. Williams' attorneys argued that the execution appeared to be "torturous and inhumane". Williams had labored breathing, and then grimaced slightly before losing consciousness, according to an Associated Press reporter who witnessed the execution.

Author: 0 Canadian PM responds to Trump's criticism of dairy industry

The US dairy industry - particularly in Wisconsin, where some dairy farmers have already felt an economic impact - has slammed the Canadian practices as unfair and called on the Trump administration to take action. "This is kind of like waving a red flag at a bull, the tweak we did with the unfiltered milk: it was nearly destined to draw a response". Canada carries a near $16 billion surplus when it comes to the exchange of goods from the forestry & logging, wood product manufacturing and ...

USA Pull Little Rock school's charter, authorizing panel urges
Author: 0 Pull Little Rock school's charter, authorizing panel urges

The taxpayer-funded school, which opened in 2008 and is now at 5615 Geyer Springs Road, must have the charter to operate. His salary a year ago was $153,249, Young said. Ivy Pfeffer, assistant commissioner for teacher effectiveness and licensure, as well as a charter panel member, noted that until earlier Wednesday morning, criminal-background and maltreatment-registry checks for several Covenant Keepers staff members were not in the state's records but the problems were corrected by midmorning.

Author: 0 Indiana March jobless rate of 3.9 percent lowest since '01

National unemployment rate sits around 4.5 percent, since the state is nearly two percentage points lower it reflects the population growth, and most jobs being filled are high skilled positions. Compared to March 2016, Arkansas' nonfarm payroll employment is up 16,600. The rates in Arkansas (3.6 percent), Colorado (2.6 percent), ME (3.0 percent), and OR (3.8 percent) set new series lows.

USA Donald Trump signs executive order to reform H-1B visas
Author: 0 Donald Trump signs executive order to reform H-1B visas

During the speech, Trump talked about the issues with NAFTA, problems with the H-1B visa program and issues with the government buying goods and services from outside America. The executive order will stop short of the one- to two-year moratorium on new skilled worker visas that Trump called for during the campaign. Trump also wants to toughen up the requirement that American-made goods be used in certain federal construction projects or in highway projects that are paid for with federal ...

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