Author: 0 AT&T Agrees to Buy Time Warner

Rumours of an impending deal between the companies had been circulating towards the end of the working week, with the boards of the two companies reportedly meeting on Saturday. Its assets include the HBO , CNN, TBS and TNT networks as well as the Warner Bros film studio, producer of the "Batman" and "Harry Potter" film franchises.

Research AT&T to add screen fix service to mobile device insurance plans
Author: 0 AT&T to add screen fix service to mobile device insurance plans

Screen shattering might not be a much of a problem for some AT&T customers, as the USA carrier has a new program that will be launching soon, on November 15th. As the name suggests, the service protects your device from ... well, yourself. AT&T revealed that only eight devices are going to be eligible to this service, namely: iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, Note 4, S5 and S6.

Author: 0 Netflix stock soars 19% on much stronger-than-expected earnings

In particular, last quarter Netflix noted China's regulations would be a significant issue as it continued to expand beyond the U.S. That's put a heavy drain on optimism around the company as it missed its own expectations and had to pare back future expectations as a result earlier this year.

Research Robots organize your photos, so you can procrastinate
Author: 0 Robots organize your photos, so you can procrastinate

To save you from doing all of these edits manually, Google will group these photos together automatcially and ask that you confirm the rotation edits. You'll be able to do that with the help of a new card that will allow you to rotate pictures. Building on its ability to create animations from photos, Google has now introduced a feature that creates animations from videos.

Research Asgardia, the first nation in space becomes reality
Author: 0 Asgardia, the first nation in space becomes reality

He said any person on Earth over 18 can seek citizenship at their site, asgardia .space/citizenship. Ashurbeyli said in a statement . It will also allow wannabe Asgardians to register their interest for citizenship. You can sign up to be an Asgardian on the website. Objects launched into space are subject to their nation of origin, and if a nation launches an object into space, that nation is responsible for any damage that occurs internationally and in outer space.

Author: 0 Is Trump serious about jailing Hillary if elected US President?

The FBI and the Justice Department have closed their investigations into Clinton's use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State. "I'll tell you what". It evoked images of despotic regimes when new leaders lock up the opposition. Let's go down the list of political leaders who have actually jailed their political opponents.

Author: 0 Juventus join battle for unsettled Manchester United fullback Darmian

Agent Fausto Pari, who has close links with Darmian, has told Radio Crc that a January move is possible if the situation continues as it is. The 26-year-old, who is now away on worldwide duty with Italy, has fallen out of favour at United and has made just one appearance this season.

Research Microsoft CEO Receives $4.4 Million Bonus for Achieving All Company Goals
Author: 0 Microsoft CEO Receives $4.4 Million Bonus for Achieving All Company Goals

Furthermore, the company will build more data centers in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria and Ireland. Recommendations in the book include the idea that governments establish privacy frameworks that give users control over their data but also enable companies and organizations to analyze the information to gain insights in an ethical manner.

Research Climate change agreement moves closer
Author: 0 Climate change agreement moves closer

Hailing the leadership of the European Union on addressing the challenges posed by climate change, including its role in the UN Framework Convention negotiations, support for the Green Climate Fund and other funding mechanisms, Mr. At least 55 countries representing minimum 55 percent of global emissions need to formally join the agreement before it comes into force. The key targets of the agreement are to keep global temperature rises below two degrees Celsius and to provide US$100 ...

Research Amazing Discovery: Researchers Found 2000-Year-Old Skeleton in Ancient Antikythera Shipwreck
Author: 0 Amazing Discovery: Researchers Found 2000-Year-Old Skeleton in Ancient Antikythera Shipwreck

According to one review, "these bones appear to be those of a young man", said Hannes Schroeder, an expert on ancient DNA analysis at the Natural History Museum of Denmark . DNA analysis of the newly excavated skeleton could offer clues to that mystery and countless others associated with the shipwreck. The wreck was discovered in 1900 by a group of Greek sponge divers on their way to Tunisia who took shelter from a storm near the island and chose to look for sponges while they waited for ...

Author: 0 IPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7: The Power of Optical Zoom

The update mainly fixed the issue where using Lightning headphones (including the packaged EarPods) would occasionally lose the playback controls on the in line remote. We'll keep you posted on any additional iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus issues as they pop up. Due to the nature of how things have gone in the past with iOS 10.0.1, it is likely wise for jailbroken iOS 10 users to wait before updating their iPhones.

Research SpaceX updates on Falcon 9 rocket, Facebook satellite loss
Author: 0 SpaceX updates on Falcon 9 rocket, Facebook satellite loss

The company released an extensive update on the failure at Cape Canaveral, which occurred as it was preparing a "static launch test" of the rocket. SpaceX said Friday an Accident Investigation Team, made up of company engineers, and representatives of the FAA, NASA and the Air Force, is "currently scouring through approximately 3,000 channels of engineering data along with video, audio and imagery".

Research Don't expect any waterproof Pixel phones
Author: 0 Don't expect any waterproof Pixel phones

Earlier this week, Google uploaded a short teaser video for the event that confirms the date, and includes a smartphone-shaped rectangle and the recently-redesigned Google "G" logo. While looking through the Pixel Launcher and several other Google apps , Android Police revealed two big changes that Google has in store for the homescreen.

Author: 0 Yahoo says hackers stole info in 500 million user accounts

In the immediate aftermath of the breach, Yahoo! resolutely failed to do a password reset for their customers, which is peculiar behaviour to say the least. The verbiage used here is significant as data breaches happen all the time but "massive data breach sounds" like it could be pretty severe and widespread.

Author: 0 'Sully' soars over 'Blair Witch,' 'Bridget' at box office

It would be considered a flop if not for its performance overseas, where it earned $29.9 million, including $11.3 million from the United Kingdom, biggest ever for a romantic comedy. "This is what we typically see in September", said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst with ComScore. In milestones, Illumination Entertainment and Universal's "The Secret Life of Pets" crossed $800 million globally.

Research Mwah! Khloe Kardashian Snapchats kiss with Tristan Thompson
Author: 0 Mwah! Khloe Kardashian Snapchats kiss with Tristan Thompson

Khloe, 32, and Tristan also partied together at Rockwell Nightclub in Miami, with a source telling E! The reality star had been rumoured to be dating sports star Tristan Thompson and they've now debuted their relationship online. "She hasn't had this much fun since she was with James [Harden ]". "You know, she's having a good time, he seems like a really nice guy". Before the show, a newly-blonde Khloe was seen holding hands with the Cleveland Cavaliers player as they joined Kourtney ...

Research Dead humpback whale washes up in Sea Isle City
Author: 0 Dead humpback whale washes up in Sea Isle City

The whale was sighted off Strathmere's coast earlier in the day and floated down to Sea Isle City later, according to The Press of Atlantic City . Police have taped off the area. Bob Scholekopf, a spokesman for the center, said the whale was "emaciated" and had only a small amount of food in its stomach at the time of its death.

Author: 0 Tesla Autopilot safety row escalates

The company that made the camera and computer system for Tesla Motors' semi-autonomous Autopilot says the electric vehicle maker ignored its warnings of safety problems. Beyond giving radar a greater role, Tesla's upcoming Autopilot update will ensure drivers stay alert when using Autopilot. Mobileye develops computer vision and collision-avoidance systems for motor vehicles.

Research Arctic sea ice falls to second lowest extent, despite cool summer
Author: 0 Arctic sea ice falls to second lowest extent, despite cool summer

Each year, Arctic sea ice reaches its minimum extent in September. Recent research has reconstructed Arctic sea ice data back to 1850 using old ship logs, airplane survey and military records among other sources to provide a longer record than satellite data (though it does come with a little bit more uncertainty).

Author: 0 Tropical Storm Julia to impact Georgia coast

The hurricane center thinks Julia will weaken to a tropical depression tonight. A system hugging the Florida Coast has strengthened into Tropical Storm Julia on Tuesday evening. Julia produced gusty winds, high surf and heavy rain on Wednesday. Tropical Storm Julia is buffeting the shores of southern U.S. states less than two weeks after Hermine soaked the East Coast, weather forecasters said yesterday.

Author: 0 Alleged Huawei Built Google Tablet To Be Released October?

Wi-Fi Assistant works like this: to save you data on your monthly cellular plan, Google will automatically jump to the most stable and accessible free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and let you know that it made the switch. In a report by The Verge , Google will try to redeem the company's failure to produce a tablet that will capture the interest of consumers. "The word is that the final Google Nexus device will be built by Huawei and it will feature a 7" display.

Research Elon Musk calls SpaceX blast a 'most hard, complex failure'
Author: 0 Elon Musk calls SpaceX blast a 'most hard, complex failure'

SpaceX said last week that data indicated the "anomaly" originated around the upper-stage liquid oxygen tank. Just over a week after the 229-foot-tall Falcon 9 rocket blew up - and Facebook's $200 million Amos-6 satellite along with it - SpaceX has released details about its internal team of investigators.

Author: 0 PS4 Neo, PS4 Slim expected at Sony's press event on September 7

Sony is hosting a press conference in NY, which, thanks to PlayStation Korea, we know will include the announcement and reveal of at least one new piece of PlayStation hardware. Sony has launched slim versions of its consoles since the release of the PSone, a slimmer redesign of the original PlayStation. It is also unconfirmed whether Sony aims to release to PS4 Slim in a selection of storage variants, much like the Xbox One S.

Research LG's V20 flagship launched with audiophile-grade sound and dual-camera setup
Author: 0 LG's V20 flagship launched with audiophile-grade sound and dual-camera setup

It's also believed to have a 5.7 inch Quad HD primarily display with a secondary ticker display at the top. The smaller screen is where notifications, shortcuts and other features will be displayed on the phone. The phablet runs on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat platform. The device will be offered in Titan, Silver, and Pink color options. The front-facing camera is a wide-angle 5-megapixel affair, while on the rear you'll find a 135-degree wide-angle sensor as well as a ...

Author: 0 Happy landings: 3 space station crew members back on Earth

The ISS commander landed at 7:13 local time (0113 GMT) on the steppes of central Kazakhstan aboard a Russian-made Soyuz capsule along with Alexey Ovchinin and Oleg Skripochka. The three men undocked from the ISS nearly three and a half hours prior to spending their central goal leading investigative examinations. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams (left) and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin (R) relax after a textbook landing.

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