Author: 0 Trump calls protests 'very unfair'

Loudspeakers downtown warned protesters that they could be arrested. Many have pointed out the discrepancy between Trump lashing out against protesters and his own reaction to Barack Obama's victory in the 2012 election. Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in major cities across the U.S. since Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night, with the slogan "Not my President ".

Medicine Indiana moves into 2017 with Republican supermajorities, governor
Author: 0 Indiana moves into 2017 with Republican supermajorities, governor

Democrats had hoped to pick up at least the five seats needed to break the supermajority, but gained only a single seat. Republican Trey Hollingsworth is spending millions of his family's fortune while Democratic candidate Shelli Yoder labels him a carpetbagger from Tennessee for moving to IN just past year.

Author: 0 Medical marijuana applicant sues over lack of diversity

Another losing applicant for a coveted medical marijuana license has sued the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, arguing the panel illegally ignored the racial background of applicants and left minorities out of the process. The rules must go through several layers of approval. It planned to grow marijuana and extract medically beneficial compounds in it, then formulate the compounds to treat specific diseases, like in a capsulized form to treat epilepsy.

Medicine Premature births on the rise
Author: 0 Premature births on the rise

Response: The March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card was created in 2007 to raise awareness of the unfair burden of preterm birth in certain communities and geographic areas in the United States. The rates for Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander women are slightly less, at 9.1 and 9.5 respectively, than the rates for white women, at 10.4. African-American women fared the worst among all minority groups.

Author: 0 "I strangled my mum's dog" says ex UK deputy Prime Minister

The Tory grandee had sparked a massive backlash today after an interview with Tattler magazine appeared to reveal he had killed the Alsatian after it tried to bite him . He said the dog came up to his waist, "so I put my hands out to get hold of his chain". Rumours that the top Tory had killed the dog first emerged more than 25 years ago when he was challenging Margaret Thatcher for the leadership.

Medicine Skin patch could help kids with peanut allergies
Author: 0 Skin patch could help kids with peanut allergies

The DBV Technologies has developed the peanut patch, which is looking promising in the treatment of peanut allergies and can protect from accidental ingestion or exposure. The researchers also note that the peanut skin patches triggered immune responses similar to those seen in other types of experimental immunotherapy for food allergy.

Author: 0 Sea of Pink: Texas Rush Soccer Club donates to breast cancer charity

At a Pride Foundation event held in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month , Aiesha urged young women to be breast aware as early detection is the surest way to save your life. "iamHER2" campaign, a first of its kind program in the country, aims to extend support to women suffering from advanced breast cancer -known as HER2.

Medicine Yuan's 6-Year Low Makes Markets Yawn
Author: 0 Yuan's 6-Year Low Makes Markets Yawn

During the same period, the indexes that measure the yuan against the Bank for International Settlement currency basket and the Special Drawing Rights basket increased by 0.2 percent and 0.8 percent respectively, according to China's Foreign Exchange Trade System.

Author: 0 How Old Babies Should Be Before Sleeping in Their Own Room

The other significant risk factor for SIDS deaths occurring outside the home was an absence of a proper crib or bassinet altogether. Experts will present the updated policies during a news conference at 10:15 a.m. "It is nothing but tragic", said Peter Richel, chief of the department of pediatrics at Northern Westchester Hospital, who remembers losing two patients in the past 26 years to sudden infant death - a four-month-old boy and a two-week-old girl.

Author: 0 Unlike first, second debate doesn't set viewership record

Louis between Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump was down 21% from the record-setting 84 million viewers who watched their September 26 debate. Donald Trump's boasts about sexually assaulting women could be causing him to lose some ground in the polls, but it doesn't seem to be hurting down-ballot Republican candidates yet.

Author: 0 Antonio Conte laughs off reports he was set to leave Chelsea

The Blues have somewhat slumped into the beginning of the season, picking up only 13 points from a possible 21, but crushing defeats against fellow title contenders Liverpool and Arsenal have left a stain on Antonio Conte's inagural campaign as Chelsea manager.

Medicine Louisville vs. Duke Quick Postgame Thoughts
Author: 0 Louisville vs. Duke Quick Postgame Thoughts

Jackson, the Heisman Trophy candidate, threw for a first-half touchdown and ran for a score in the final two minutes of the game that helped the Cardinals topple Duke 24-14 on Friday night at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Stanford vs. Notre Dame looked like a marquee game before the season began. On third-and-6 from the Louisville 9, Jones rolled right and found tight end Erich Schneider for a 9-yard touchdown pass that tied the game at 7-7.

Medicine 'Reduce breast cancer risk with timely tests, self examination'
Author: 0 'Reduce breast cancer risk with timely tests, self examination'

There is power in the color pink. "There are not many books now, but it is a start, and we will continue to upgrade from here". Breast cancer can be caught early by having mammograms. The first that comes to mind is Relay for Life in Oak Harbor, where people walk around a school track to draw attention to and raise money for cancer research.

Author: 0 Spread the word on breast cancer awareness

Muhammad Wilkerson or "Mo" as everyone calls him, has hosted the event for 3 years to recognize women who are strong, courageous and fighters, like his mother Janice Wilkerson who is a 16 year breast cancer survivor and his grandmother Joanne Wilkerson who is a 23 year breast cancer survivor.

Author: 0 Marijuana arrests outnumber those for violent crimes, study finds

On Oct. 12, a joint report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) found that there are 137,000 Americans in either prison or jail for drug possession on any given day, The Washington Post reports. But black adults were more than two-and-a-half times as likely to be arrested for drug possession. That rate was much lower at the peak of drug-related arrests in the mid 2000s, but the full picture is much murkier than just that blip in time.

Author: 0 Ayotte Calls Trump Role Model For Children, Then Backtracks

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) at the debate for her Senate seat October 3. Ayotte, who is locked in a tight race with two-term Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan, told a debate audience Monday evening that she "absolutely" would tell a child to aspire to be like the NY real estate mogul.

Author: 0 Perry Square glows in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month

The American Red Cross urges the community to give blood to support cancer patients and other patients during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. "The incredible support that the community has given Panera Bread and our fundraising effort has just been fabulous", explained Claudine Stark of Panera Bread.

Author: 0 Wenger open to England job

Wenger said the unwavering support of the Arsenal board had helped him establish his 20-year dynasty and admitted the game is now completely different to when he arrived. How long can I do, I don't know. Keep up with the latest football updates by following ESPN FC on Twitter . "Giroud will be out, he will not come back".

Medicine 'US Protecting Syria Jihadist Group': Russian Foreign Minister
Author: 0 'US Protecting Syria Jihadist Group': Russian Foreign Minister

Also Friday, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow is doing all it can together with the Syrian government to help the United Nations arrange weekly pauses in Aleppo to deliver humanitarian goods. Russian Federation on Friday dismissed an accusation its bombing campaign in Syria has killed thousands of civilians, insisting it has stopped jihadists taking over as it marks a year since it began air strikes.

Medicine Wells Fargo starts own probe as House hearing looms
Author: 0 Wells Fargo starts own probe as House hearing looms

The independent directors of Wells Fargo (WFC) announced they have launched an independent probe into the banking giant's cross-selling scandal, with Chairman and CEO John Stumpf recusing himself from the inquiry. The board has said it may take further steps as the investigation proceeds. In fact, a lawsuit filed by Los Angeles against Wells Fargo in May 2015 says that the bank was consumed by this goal.

Medicine Some things to know about opioids, political cash in Nevada
Author: 0 Some things to know about opioids, political cash in Nevada

A joint investigation by The Associated Press and the Center for Public Integrity has found that opioid proponents are a major part of Idaho's political landscape as well, with donations from members of the Pain Control Forum — a group that touts prescription painkillers as improving the quality of life for millions of Americans — making up a huge chunk of lawmakers' campaign cash.

Author: 0 More evidence that Zika causes microcephaly

Glenn Morris, director of the UF Emerging Pathogens Institute. Most of the reported cases were people who acquired the virus from mosquitos in Puerto Rico, but a couple of dozen people had also acquired the virus from mosquitos in southern Florida.

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton remains healthy: doctor

Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia two days before she fainted on Sunday but her campaign team had kept it quiet until the video was put online. She is in "excellent mental health" and is completely okay to run for president, and, if elected, serve.

Medicine Study reveals sugar industry's attempt to shape science
Author: 0 Study reveals sugar industry's attempt to shape science

In 1964, the SRF vice president and director of research, John Hickson, said new research on coronary heart disease found that " sugar is a less desirable dietary source of calories than other carbohydrates ", and referred to the work since 1957 of British physiologist John Yudkin, who challenged population studies singling out saturated fat as the primary dietary cause of coronary heart disease "and suggested other factors, including sucrose, were at least equally important".

Author: 0 Clinton feels good, says she didn't pass out during stumble

Clinton's campaign said that she had not planned to change her appearances following the pneumonia diagnosis . Clinton abruptly left the ceremony and appeared to stumble while she was waiting for her motorcade. A federal investigation of that issue said she was "extremely careless" in her handling of classified emails but did not recommend criminal charges.

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