IT&Software Tech investor Peter Thiel to donate $1.25 million to Donald Trump campaign
Author: 0 Tech investor Peter Thiel to donate $1.25 million to Donald Trump campaign

The only prominent supporter of the Republican candidate in the high-tech community, Mr Thiel is making his first donation in support of Mr Trump's election. The donation also comes at a time when Trump is a pariah is to members of his own party, including Sen. Trump and Silicon Valley have had far from a rosy relationship so far and this is much needed.

Author: 0 Know each variant of Google Pixel before placing an order

It's fairly easy to pre-order Google's smartphones. But if you don't want to wait to try out the latest version of the Google Camera app, then we've gone ahead and ported the app to work on Android 7.0 devices. Verizon has now confirmed that like Apple's iPhone, Google's smartphones will get immediate updates. Google Pixel is nothing different from other android smartphones, but the USP of the Google Pixel is, they don't just run on the stock android OS, but they also have the hardware ...

IT&Software Facebook launches 'Marketplace' on app
Author: 0 Facebook launches 'Marketplace' on app

Some 450 million people now use Facebook BST groups for this type of community-based commerce for used goods, but the system was far from flawless. There's also a counter for the number of times a post has been viewed. To keep track of all of your current and past transactions in Marketplace , visit the Your Items section.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Failure Boosts iPhone 7 Plus Demand

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 safe to use? A suit filed in New Jersey, meanwhile, claims that the company has actively worked to destroy evidence of the problematic machines. Today, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that it was looking into some of Samsung's top-loading washing machines because of "safety issues".

IT&Software Terrelle Pryor lines up at QB, promptly throws a near-interception
Author: 0 Terrelle Pryor lines up at QB, promptly throws a near-interception

The Browns took over, with Kessler lining up at quarterback for the first offensive series, and on a crucial third-and-two, Kessler delivered a strike to - who else? Pryor is looking at a situation where he'll get points for receiving yards, passing yards AND rushing yards, because scrambling will probably be a big part of what makes him a semi-effective quarterback.

Author: 0 Snapchat rebrands as Snap Inc and announces Google Glass competitor called Spectacles

Since each new tap records a new video, you have to keep your finger on the glasses to completely record one video. The device transmits the recordings wirelessly to a smartphone. The sunglasses, with designs that may appeal to millennials, will come in one size and be available on a limited basis. Snapchat has brought the revolution of quick photo and video sharing which users are experiencing these days.

Author: 0 IPhone 7 pre-orders open in Turkey at

Expect these colors to run out first . As widely expected, Apple (AAPL) has ditched the traditional 3.5-millmeter headphone jack with the debut of the new "iPhone 7," unveiled today at its press conference in San Francisco . Once placed in your ears, AirPods automatically connect with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. The new editions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the previous models, the 6S and 6S Plus, all start at 32 GB, which is twice the storage , and welcome.

Author: 0 'Black mark' for Australia exchange as glitch halts trading for the day

ASX was forced to suspend the market again less than three hours later, before closing it for the rest of the day. ASX sysadmins struggled to keep the system up and running, taking two hours to restore trading service for about 75 percent of all securities, and eventually returning service for all operations by 1:00 PM local time.

Author: 0 Tesla's autopilot system under scrutiny in fatal China crash

Tesla altered the translation used to market Autopilot in China last month to clarify it's a driving-assistance system, rather than a self-driving one, following a minor accident in Beijing. Later in the year, Tesla deployed the system, which can maintain a set speed, keep the auto within its lane and brake automatically. Tesla's Autopilot clashed with Mobileye's system enough for the Israel-based maker of collision detection and driver assistance systems to have broken ties with the ...

IT&Software Sega gives Sonic Mania the collector's edition it deserves
Author: 0 Sega gives Sonic Mania the collector's edition it deserves

If you have fond memories of the original Sega Genesis console (I still own one ) and the original Sonic the Hedgehog, then this CE is definitely for you. Sonic Generations got us halfway there, while Sonic Mania fully embraces the character's 16-bit past . Known only as Project Sonic 2017 for the moment, a brief teaser trailer for the game showed off both modern Sonic and classic Sonic , suggesting that it could be a follow up to 2011's generally well-received Sonic Generations .

IT&Software Apple is shifting the focus of its secret car project
Author: 0 Apple is shifting the focus of its secret car project

Issues had been piling up at Project Titan as Apple struggled to develop both a auto and self-driving software at the same time, so a focus on software seemed plausible. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment Friday. Bloomberg earlier reported the strategy change . The company picked up automotive industry veterans and experts in battery technology and machine vision.

IT&Software GM Recalls 4M Vehicles For Air Bag Defect Linked To 1 Death
Author: 0 GM Recalls 4M Vehicles For Air Bag Defect Linked To 1 Death

The issue has been linked to one death and three injuries so far. The 2015-2017 Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban and Silverado HD , GMC Yukon , Yukon XL and Sierra HD and Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV . Customers will be able to have their software defect updated free of charge, according to GM. The company is recalling 4.28 million vehicles worldwide, with 3.6 million being in the U.S.

IT&Software Lenovo will ditch hard keyboards in planned Chromebook and 2-in-1s
Author: 0 Lenovo will ditch hard keyboards in planned Chromebook and 2-in-1s

It's because Lenovo turned the keyboard side into a large, touch-sensitive surface, adding sketchpad superpowers that make it a tool for creativity as much as productivity. The watchband hinge on the Yoga Book is uniquely constructed of tightly connected rods. The glass touch screen includes an anti-glare coating to create a touch-typing experience, which should be helpful since there are no physical keys.

IT&Software Pokemon GO Is Coming to the Apple Watch
Author: 0 Pokemon GO Is Coming to the Apple Watch

The first and foremost is the Buddy Pokemon feature that will players to choose their favorite Pokemon to give them company while they are walking. While these have nothing to do with the cheats or hacks, these integrations can be a great step to bring back the popularity of " Pokemon GO ".

Author: 0 State GOP Reacts to Dallas Morning News Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Given what you say are his historic inadequacies and his disqualification on the commander-in-chief point that you just made, shouldn't you just be pretty much running away with it at this point? "There were no discussions about any of the covert actions in process being determined about whether or not to go forward", she said .

Author: 0 Volkswagen Truck Buys a US Foothold with Stake in Navistar

President & CEO Andreas Renschler said forming the alliance is "a ideal entry" for the German-based manufacturer into the North American medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle market. Entering the USA will give VW access to a market a bit smaller than its current home region. But Daimler entered the USA long ago, and has built a business that now accounts for about 40% of US heavy-duty truck sales.

Author: 0 Apple unveils stunning iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2

Apple unveiled Apple Watch Series 2 on Wednesday, a revamped device complete with snazzy new features for gaming and fitness - such as a Pokemon Go app and water resistance - all with the aim of recapturing Apple's shrinking share of the still-nascent wearables market.

Author: 0 Mark Zuckerberg Meets the Pope; Gifts Him a Drone Model

Associated Press cited Vatican spokesman Greg Burke and said , one topic of discussion at the meeting was "how to use communication technologies to alleviate poverty, encourage a culture of encounter, and make a message of hope arrive, especially to those most in need".

Author: 0 Gaming laptop features industry's first-ever curved screen

The versatile Spin 7's display hinges allow it to rotate through 360°. The Acer Swift 7, which runs Windows 10, measures a little less than 1cm at its thinnest point (9.98mm), beating the previous titleholder of the world's thinnest laptop , the HP Spectre (which measured 10.4mm, a little over 1cm).

IT&Software Upcoming Nexus Devices Marlin & Sailfish rumoured to cost $449 & $599
Author: 0 Upcoming Nexus Devices Marlin & Sailfish rumoured to cost $449 & $599

Instead, several tweaks and additional software will be put atop vanilla Android . Do you think that Google has made a decision to cancel its new Nexus smartphones because of the decline in the market of the series or this is just an invention whose objective is to spread concern? "For that, Google Play compatibility comes into the picture", Android Central website reported.

Author: 0 Super Mario Maker Heads to 3DS on December 2

Sadly, you won't be able to search for the by their course ID. You'll also be able to sort by "recommended" courses. These levels cannot be shared online but via local wireless communication as well as Street Pass. You fight out tank battles, where the Trooper you enlist will influence your play. The first is a six-player multiplayer game you can download from the eShop.

IT&Software Files Of AAP Government To Be Examined For Violations, Says Lt Governor
Author: 0 Files Of AAP Government To Be Examined For Violations, Says Lt Governor

The Delhi Government's position in its tussle with the Centre has been weakened by a High Court order which ruled that the LG is the administrative head of the Capital which is a Union Territory. BJP MP Subramanian Swamy targeted Delhi LG Najeeb Jung, alleging he is "unsuited" for the post and pitched for a RSS person. "If education and health quality deteriorates, Modiji will be responsible for this", he said.

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