Corrupt TV News Refuses to Say Nice Things About Donald Trump


President Donald Trump continued to take aim at what he called the "fake news" coverage of his work in office Wednesday, offering that maybe he should take away media outlets' White House credentials.

That appeared to be a reference to Trump's equation, in his tweet, of "negative" and "fake" news. In response, Drudge-typically a Trump supporter-tweeted, "I fear the future result of Trump's crusade on "fake news" will be licensing of all reporters. We are going to continue to try to work with you, as Im doing right here, right now, and as the President did just a couple of hours ago", Sanders said.

Those numbers only take a look at ABC, CBS, and NBC, and thus do not include the positive press Trump receives from Fox.

"Take away credentials?" These authoritarian impulses of yours are anti-American.

"At the same time, the press has a responsibility to put out accurate information", Sanders shot back after reiterating the Trump administration's dedication to a free press. At the time, Time Bureau Chief Michael Scherer asked Trump for assurance that he (Trump) would promise not to revoke press credentials of "unfair" reporters.

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Trump has also been seen encouraging violence against the media and last month, he skipped - for the second year in a row - the White House Correspondents Dinner to assert his hatred for the "fake news liberals".

On Wednesday afternoon, Acosta confirmed to CNN host Wolf Blitzer that the White House had not yet revoked his press credentials.

Since his election, Trump has toyed with various means of curbing media access, ostensibly to remind journalists that they are, to some extent, at his mercy. How many news outlets would that impact?

One of the best suggestions I heard early on in Trump's presidency was that instead of being spun - and bashed - at the White House press briefings, the major news organizations should send their interns to cover it. Then a reality TV star, Trump was in the audience in 2011 when Barack Obama famously mocked him for renewing the "birther" conspiracy about the nation's first black president.