Deadpool Is in Celine Dion's New Music Video


Celine Dion has been recruited for Ashes, an original song for the soundtrack to the upcoming Deadpool 2 release, and she is joined in the accompanying promo by Reynolds, dressed as his cheeky Marvel anti-hero.

Now it seems that in the most unlikely team up to date, Celine Dion has recently launched a brand new music video featuring none other than Deadpool himself dancing alongside her!

The song and the video are vintage Celine Dion. It's certainly a professional dancer under the costume, and likely even a woman donning the suit.

Reynolds admits his fun-loving spots on chat shows and on red carpets is just a facade, because he actually dreads public appearances, where the focus is on him, but he explains he has found a way to use his Deadpool character as a source of relief. "Céline! That was incredible!" the Merc shouts - now assuredly played by Ryan Reynolds. "That was wonderful, that was the most lovely performance I've ever seen in my life!" he tells her - but it's not quite right. You know, if a Céline Dion ballad could slap. "I just think if you're going to do another Deadpool solo film, you've got to really, like, get that budget down to nothing and just swing for the fences, and break all kinds of weird barriers, and do stuff that no one else can do". We have to do it again.

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At the conclusion of her lung-busting revival anthem, Deadpool himself offers feedback: "That was the most lovely performance I've ever seen in my life".

While Deadpool's immediate future looks bright and sunny, it is hard to say whether or not he's a character who has the ability to survive the Walt Disney Company's acquisition of 20th Century Fox's studio and entertainment assets. You're at like an 11. We need to get you down to a 5, 5 ½ tops. "Just phone it in", he adds.

"This thing only goes to 11, so beat it, Spider-Man", she sasses.