Armenian Parliament Rejects Opposition Leader Pashinian As PM


The National Assembly is set to elect a new prime minister on Tuesday after the former was ousted amid massive protests across Armenia just one week after taking up the post.

Under Armenia's legislation, in case parliament members fail to elect a prime minister, another round of voting should be held within seven days.

Therefore, the National Assembly of Armenia will meet to re-vote on may 8th.

Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan gestures to his supporters at a rally in Yerevan, Armenia April 30, 2018.

If parliament on May 8 fails again to confirm a prime minister, the legislature would automatically be dissolved and early general elections would be scheduled with the Republican-led acting government in charge of the electoral process. The Republican Party has not nominated its candidate.

Mr Pashinian is the only candidate, but the chamber is controlled by the ruling party, and Mr Pashinian needs their votes to win.

He attached importance to elections as a source for people to see themselves as the power holders, adding only when the official who has received people's votes serves them that the sides admit they have won or lost in the fair elections, thus the political thinking develops and the world can accept that Armenia is a democratic nation.

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Sargsyan resigned from his new post of prime minister last week after serving as president for a decade in the face of the protests.

Tens of thousands of Pashinyan's supporters had rallied during the day as parliament members debated.

As of this moment, all the streets leading to Yerevan's Republic Square are closed to vehicular traffic due to the thousands of people making their way to the center of town.

"Mr Pashinyan has failed to convince us", Bagdasaryan said. Some voters accuse Sarksyan and his associates of cronyism and corruption, an allegation they deny.

He described his setback as an "insult to the people" and said he was calling a campaign of civil disobedience from early Wednesday that would include blockades of key transport routes.

Pashinyan has pledged to keep Armenia close to Moscow, saying the changes he wants to make would instead focus on rooting out graft.