ZTE calls U.S. export ban "unacceptable"


It said the probe of Huawei is similar to one that China's ZTE Corp. says is now threatening its survival. Taiwan makers must not feel upbeat about possible order shifts resulting from the ZTE ban, and must instead speed up their R&D and improve their technological prowess to avert possible risks associated with the escalating US-China trade tensions.

ZTE also sent a letter to its business partners on Wednesday, explaining why it believes the seven-year ban was a "drastic action" out of proportion to its misconduct.

According to Oclaro's annual fiscal report, ZTE accounted for 105.3 million dollars, or 18 percent of its revenues in the fiscal year that ended July 1, 2017. The company already caught the attention of the US government back in 2012 for its rumored ties with the Chinese government.

The prohibition had been imposed in March past year, when ZTE agreed to pay $892.3 million to settle the USA investigation into the sanctions case.

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Zammar, a Syrian-born German, was a key member of a Hamburg jihadist cell that included three of the September 11 suicide pilots. As the United States becomes weaker militarily, Russian Federation grows stronger and may lose interest in negotiating.

It's somewhat uncertain as to whether Huawei has actually supplied anything to Iran.

In the B2B sales sector, ZTE has zeroed in on transportation, energy, finance, enterprises and education segments for priority promotion of its communication products and technologies, which mainly include virtualized datacenters, distributed databases and big data analysis.

ZTE will definitely be hit hard, but it won't be alone. Chinese battery and electric carmaker BYD, chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.

If Huawei is found to have violated sanctions, it could be hit with major penalties including fines, the forced use of a corporate monitor, and even U.S. technology export bans. ZTE has established the Compliance Management Committee, built a team with global coverage composed of senior export control compliance experts and engaged several counsels and consultants to provide professional guidance in order to establish and optimize ZTE's export control compliance management structure, system and procedure, according to the company's announcement on its official website. The report notes that the USA authorities have been probing Huawei's alleged shipping of United States origin products to Iran and other countries in violation of U.S. export and sanctions law since at least 2016. ZTE was banned from purchasing components from USA suppliers, including access to Google's Android operating system.