Arizona special election results are in


Interested in Republican Party? The Associated Press called the race.

During her own speech late Tuesday night, Tipirneni told supporters that she's not conceding and will wait for the rest of the results to come in on Wednesday. "There's a drag on the midterms for Republican candidates that's being created by the national narrative".

One Democratic consultant involved in the race noted that it appeared Tipirneni won a sizable number of Republican and independent voters, since Democrats accounted for only 24 percent of the early votes cast, while their nominee's percentage was nearly twice that. Of the more than 150,000 voters who turned in their ballots prior to election day, 75,253 were registered Republicans and only 43,372 were registered Democrats, according to the Arizona Secretary of State's office.

Early voting numbers eased jittery Republicans.

Considering that there wasn't even a Democratic candidate on the ballot in 2014 and 2016, having a brand-new candidate with no track record in politics get 47 percent of the vote is seriously impressive.

Lesko's victory only gives her the seat for the remainder of this year.

Lesko and Tipirneni could face off again in November. She played up her support for Trump and his agenda. She outraised Ms. Lesko in what was the first high-profile congressional election since 2016 between two women. "Stay with us, win or lose, we're taking this to November".

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It was seen as the "technological solution" that would combine "trusted trader" schemes with technology to handle exemptions for small businesses.

The seat came open in December, when conservative lawmaker Trent Franks resigned over reports he offered to pay a female staffer $5m in exchange for carrying his child.

National Republican groups spent big to back Lesko, pouring in more than $500,000 for television and mail ads and phone calls to voters to ensure her victory. "What it comes down to is we knew our community and our district and our neighborhoods a hell of a lot better than the pundits did", the Arizona Democrat said.

NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers said in a statement Tuesday that the committee's "targeted and early investments proved to be a difference maker in the race".

The race in the conservative 8th Congressional District northwest of Phoenix was watched closely after special election shockers in recent months in Pennsylvania and Alabama, where Democrats won a House seat and a Senate seat, respectively, in territory where Republicans had been in control for years.

Alex Castellanos, a political analyst with ABC News, told KTAR News 92.3 FM's Arizona's Morning News that the race "was tighter than it ought to be", emphasizing that the Republican Party had a 22-point point edge on registered voters in the district.

The very fact that the Republican victory margin was in single digit, in a district which they had been representing since early 1980s, and which was won by Trump in the November 2016 presidential elections by 21 per cent margin, reflects the fast slipping ground for the GOP.

The average median age for congressional districts in Arizona is 38, and the 8th Congressional District is the second oldest in a state with a significant retiree population.