White House Boots Pence Adviser Who Once Ran Attack Ads Against Trump


US Vice President Mike Pence has threatened that Washington is set to respond to possible retaliatory moves against its missile attacks on Syria, by Damascus or its allies, specifically Russian Federation and Iran.

Vice President Mike Pence said over the weekend he is "very hopeful" the U.S.is close to a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement.

Pence phoned Trump and cleared up the tension, the official said.

"We are not there yet remain problems to be solved", - said Pence to reporters on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas, held in Lima, capital of Peru, and collected leaders of the Western hemisphere.

"This is something we can not accept, the use of chemical weapons on civilians", Trudeau said, "and the worldwide community needs to continue to stand extremely strongly as we continue to hold Syria accountable".

The joint operation was in response to a suspected chemical attack in the city of Douma last week.

U.S. confirms NK willingness to discuss denuclearization
Later this month (April), Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae In are to hold what would be the three inter-Korean summit. The announcement comes after a year of tension between the U.S., North Korea and South Korea. .

Kelly told his colleagues that Nick Ayers, Pence's chief of staff, didn't fully brief him about Lerner's past roles, Axios reported.

Pence said the administration is "absolutely" sure the Assad regime carried out the chemical attack.

The U.S., Canada and their allies have largely dismissed Damascus's denials, but have not said how they know that the Syrian government was responsible.

Pence also met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk about the renegotiation of NAFTA.

A new national security aide to US Vice-President Mike Pence stepped down on Sunday (April 15), only two days after being officially named to the job, after a behind-the-scenes White House argument hit the headlines, a White House official said.