ANDY AMEY: Get batteries for the remote; National Hockey League playoffs starting


A day before the start of the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs, Hulu announced a deal with the hockey league to be an official sponsor for the playoffs and final.

Capitals defenseman John Carlson said he thinks playoff rivalries have gotten worse more because of what players can get away with, the physical toll games take and the memories of the nasty things that happen. With most players on the Golden Knights having no playoff experience, the Kings are going to make it past the first round [VIDEO] and send the Golden Knights home.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the competition this season and how it could all shake out. However, Pittsburgh also had the worst road record (17-20-4) among playoff teams in the Eastern Conference.

Last season, the Predators lost in the Finals to the Penguins. The goal is one that you definitely will be seeing on the highlight reel over the next few seasons. San Jose has been a playoff failure for so many years, but I think they've gotten past that label. Vegas just formed a team this year by getting players from teams that wanted to get rid of someone.

After the first night of action, we have the final results of the first three games of the National Hockey League playoffs. I saw quite a bit of the Caps, but I like Ovechkin, and they're going to play a Columbus team that's usually hidden from view.

Whoever is in net for the Flyers, it won't matter if the play in front of them isn't better.

Six years later, it would be foolish to expect the same sort of goonery, but don't be surprised if the Pens and Flyers engage in another constantly entertaining, offense-friendly battle.

In the final first round matchup, we have teams that are pretty similar. Those of you who remember what channel CNBC is on DirecTV are invited to email me that information.

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No matter how long the series goes, the Philadelphia Flyers are in for a marathon. Well, at least the finish was overwhelming, and it was thrilling from a Boston point of view while it was brutal from Toronto's perspective.

The Vegas Golden Knights opened their first playoff series by beating the Kings, 1-0 as Marc-Andre Fleury turned back 30 shots for his 11th career postseason shutout.

In Elliot's two games since his return from surgery, the veteran goalie didn't look almost as mobile as he had for most of the season - although some of that was to be anticipated.

But if Flyers fans really want to see Sidney Crosby dethroned the way the Eagles dethroned Tom Brady, they better hope Provorov, Gostisbehere and Elliott bring their A-plus games for the net two weeks. Maple Leaf Gardens needed to clear patrons by midnight because of a Toronto ordinance in effect, according to the Bruins website. Gibson enjoyed the best season of his four-year career and is in the Vezina conversation. Their call? Winnipeg defeats Boston four games to three for Canada's first Stanley Cup champion in 25 years. We just have to find an answer coming next game.

#The Golden Knights, who might be the greatest expansion team ever, also made the playoffs when nobody expected them to. Philadelphia's top unit is undoubtedly risky, with Giroux, Voracek, and Gostisbehere landing seventh, ninth, and 10th, respectively, in regular-season power-play points.

13 - Age of New Jersey forward Nico Hischier the last time the Devils made the postseason in 2011-12. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia finished second and third, respectively in the Metropolitan Division, separated by just two points in the standings.

As has been repeated over and over since it was learned that the Flyers and Penguins would renew their rivalry in the postseason.

Philadelphia will put up a fight this time, but the Penguins power play likely lights up poor Brian Elliott again, and Phil Kessel posts a three point night to give Pittsburgh a 2-0 series lead and a full head of confidence as they head to Philadelphia.