Suit accuses 3 Spartans of sexual assault


The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids - and does not name the woman or the players.

FOX 2 contacted Michigan State but was told the school had no comment. She eventually withdrew from the school before re-enrolling in January, 2016.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday, an unidentified woman claims she met multiple members of the men's basketball team at Harper's bar in East Lansing on April 11, 2015, days after the team played in the 2015 Final Four.

In it, three men's basketball players are accused of raping a female student in 2015.

At some point during the night, one of the basketball players offered to buy the woman a drink, and she accepted, according to the lawsuit. Because of her interest in sports journalism, she accepted.

She claims that she was invited to a party at one of the player's apartments, and was lied to that her roommate was already there.

When the woman got to the apartment her roommate wasn't there and there wasn't a party only a few of the guys' friends. At no time did she consent to the sexual activity. After arriving, she said there was no party with "few people present" and realized her roommate was not there. She also at this time was "discombobulated" and "tried to send a phone text, but she could not control her thumbs to formulate a text". She began to wonder if she might have been drugged.

One of the basketball players asked her if she wanted to see basketball memorabilia and brought her to his room. At some point she said in the lawsuit that her glass was hard to grasp although she had not had much to drink. "Plaintiff was forcefully thrown face down on the bed, held in place so she could not move, while JD2 raped Plaintiff from behind".

After that, the two other players came into the room and held her down and took turns raping her, the lawsuits says.

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The woman also says university Counseling Center staff made it clear to her that if she reported it to police "she faced an uphill battle that would create anxiety and unwanted media attention".

From the Detroit Free Press report on this story, according to MSU's policy on relationship violence and sexual misconduct, counselors generally are not permitted to report allegations of rape or relationship violence to the Title IX office or police.

"Plaintiff was expressly told by MSUCC staff that 'if you pursue this, you are going to be swimming with some really big fish'". The MSUCC staff allegedly did not advise the alleged victim to seek STD or pregnancy testing, physical exam or medical treatment. It also alleges she was not notified of her federal Title IX rights, protections, and accommodations.

She accepted a auto ride to the party from two of the players, including the player who had given her the drink, according to the lawsuit.

She "lived in fear every day that she would see her attackers", the suit says.

The lawsuit claims that the student has suffered severe emotional trauma due to the incident and has withdrawn from classes as well as changed her major.

"I was crying. I was trying to push myself up, and I couldn't move", she told Outside the Lines.

Karen Truszkowski, an attorney for the plaintiff, said Tuesday that she had no further comment about the suit.

Michigan State University is finding themselves in the middle of yet another sexual assault case that they mishandled. ESPN has reported that the school's basketball and football programs have improperly handled sexual assault reports since 2007.