RedBull Neglecting to Have the max Outside of Verstappen, States Hamilton


Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are bitter rivals on the track, but there was nothing of the sort between the pair following Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix.

Verstappen, 20, is the rising star of F1, already the victor of three races and a driver Hamilton rates as a future champion, but the Mercedes driver was critical of how the Dutchman drove at Sakhir on Sunday. Verstappen had started 15th in his Red Bull, after crashing in Saturday's qualifying, and dived down the inside of Hamilton into the first corner at the start of lap two in an attempt to seize 10th.

So are Ferrari the real favourites? Two races into the Formula One season he's already disgruntled and with good reason considering rival Sebastian Vettel has won them both. I went through that when I was younger so I know how it is.

"We were racing, which was all fine, and often when the vehicle is on the outside you should end up running out of road".

'Do you think, comparing to football, if you have a microphone on a football player's mouth, that everything he says is a nice message when a guy tackles him and or fouls him?

"Max dived in on the inside, a good move, bit aggressive pushing Hamilton out but I think most drivers would have done that", he added.

Of the collision, he said: "I realised I had to back out, but he continued to come across and that didn't leave me any room". It's a human reaction.

Sitting beside Vettel, who he battled in an often-fiery 2017 campaign, Hamilton did not address the journalist's remarks directly but went on to accuse Verstappen of showing a lack of "respect".

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Max Verstappen did his best to take the world champion out one lap into the race when he chopped across the Mercedes' bow and made contact.

Overtaking, with Formula One's wider cars and increased downforce introduced a year ago, has also become more hard as the race in Melbourne demonstrated.

And let's not forget Pierre Gasly; the Toro Rosso driver (now powered by a Honda engine, don't forget) finished an incredible fourth behind Hamilton. "It didn't feel like a respectful manoeuvre".

Following that setback, there was a clear breakdown in understanding between him and his race engineers in Bahrain.

"It was just unnecessary for him to do that".

"I don't want them to talk to me all the time when they don't need to".

Days after referring to Max Verstappen as a "dickhead", Lewis Hamilton claims that the youngster is letting his team down.