Undertaker returns to WrestleMania, defeats John Cena


Never let it be said that John Cena is a liar.

Cena has insulted The Undertaker's manhood and called him every name in the book in hopes of The Undertaker answering his challenge for a match at WrestleMania. While many fans had expected the American Badass persona of Undertaker to turn up, when the light dimmed at the Superdome in New Orleans it was The Deadman persona that emerged out of the smoke. Meanwhile, commentators and fans have already begun to speculate if this will be Undertaker's last appearence in a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) main event. He built a 21-match winning streak until his loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. Overall, the WWE Universe is ecstatic about The Undertaker's WWE return. This was the first singles match between the two wrestlers since October 2006.

The Undertaker entered the ring and started the attacking Cena with punches and working on his arm.

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The Undertaker's boots and coat - which he had left there on his previous match, at last year's Mania - appeared in the ring, and the rest has to be seen to be believed.

And he was quick as a flash - less than three minutes, to be exact - to pin Cena. Starting during the Kickoff Show and continuing into the main card itself, the WWE broadcast made sure to cut to Cena numerous times to let everyone watching at home know that, yep, he's there. Looking shook on camera was his next. What that something was is still left unknown. Out of nowhere, Cena took off running like he was on the Maury Show.

John Cena got his wish: The Deadman is back.