Jury Selection In Cosby Trial Halted After Defense Alleges Discrimination


The first alternate that was chosen said his wife is a survivor of sexual assault, but it would not prevent him from being fair and impartial. He says the jurors should "erase everything they heard outside this courtroom when they come in for Monday".

Last week, O'Neill said O'Connor could be called as a witness because of his involvement in the 2005 civil suit settlement agreement between former Temple employee Andrea Constand, the central accuser in the case, and Cosby.

Last year, his first trial ended in a hung jury.

Mesereau - who has also been involved in other celebrity cases including the murder trial of actor Robert Blake - has previously spoken out about the Cosby case, saying he had as much right to a fair trial as anybody else.

By 11:30 a.m., the 58 men and 68 women from Montgomery County were led into a second-floor courtroom in Norristown, 10 people at a time. The prosecution said the defense argument was flawed because two African Americans were picked for the jury.

Mr Cosby's lawyers had accused prosecutors of racial discrimination earlier on Wednesday for excluding a black woman from the panel.

Opening statements are expected Monday. Cosby claims the encounter with Constand was consensual.

The judge presiding over Bill Cosby's felony sexual-assault trial handed the defense a big win today. During another alternate's individual questioning, she said she had previously formed the opinion that Cosby was guilty, but she would be able to base her opinion of the defendant's innocence exclusively on the evidence presented in the case.

Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a woman in 2004. Jackson says Constand once commented to her about setting up a "high-profile person" and filing a lawsuit.

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There were some tense moments in the Pennsylvania courtroom when Cosby's lawyers, for the second day in a row, alleged that prosecutors were trying to keep some people off the jury due to their race or gender.

After a tumultuous week of pretrial hearings in which Judge Steven O'Neill refused to step down from the case over questions of bias, jury selection officially began yesterday. The young man said he had no knowledge of Cosby's case.

Steele denied Bliss' allegations as "simply ludicrous".

Cosby's lawyers had appeared ready to strike at the first instance of prosecutors blocking a black juror, producing a legal brief that argued the move violated a 32-year-old Supreme Court ruling that prohibits prosecutors from excluding prospective jurors due to their race. The alternates will attend the trial to hear evidence and arguments along with the jury, but are not involved in deliberations unless one of the originally selected jurors must step down.

All but one of the people in the initial group of potential jurors said they were aware of the #MeToo movement or the allegations it spurred against powerful entertainment figures. The camera showed the judge, prosecutors and defence lawyers, but not potential jurors who were being questioned as a group.

There are seven men and five women.

The defense is alleging the prosecution was discriminatory in using one of its seven strikes to remove the woman from consideration. On Wednesday, they switched gears and claimed the district attorney was purposely striking black women from the panel. He said prosecutors had no problem seating the two other black people who had appeared for individual questioning.

Eight jurors have been picked so far, including one Wednesday.