Woman called 'worst DUI offender' caught: 6 DUIs in 6 states


Tasha L. Schleicher, 41, was arrested after police received a 911 call of a woman passed out behind the wheel at a gas station in Riverside, WLS-TV reported on Wednesday.

She had an open bottle of liquor right next to her. Police also found a bottle of Crown Royal in the passenger seat.

Officers in Riverside said she tried to fill her vehicle with kerosene instead of gasoline.

"This is one of the worst impaired driving arrests our agency has ever made", Weitzel said in a statement.

When interviewed by Riverside police on April 2 at the Amstar gas station at 3346 Harlem Ave., Schleicher reportedly told officers she had children with her, even though she was alone in the her 2005 Nissan Maxima, which Riverside police subsequently seized.

She was charged with drunk driving, not having insurance and driving without a license, which was revoked on drunk driving charges. This was determined to be false after she took a pregnancy test at a hospital, according to police.

Officers noticed that she was highly intoxicated and had bloodshot, glassy eyes, and emitted a strong odor of alcohol from her breath.

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Schleicher then told officers she was pregnant, bleeding and having a miscarriage.

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel advised the Cook County States Attorney's Office that not only would Schleicher be held in custody, but that she also "absolutely needed immediate social service intervention and professional medical attention for severe alcohol abuse", according to the press release.

In one incident, she was with her children in the auto when she lost control and slammed into the median multiple times before her tire blew and the bare rim forced her to stop five miles later.

When officers arrived to the scene, they found Schleicher unresponsive "due to an unknown substance".

In the vehicle with her were five children under age 10, including a newborn, when she lost control of her vehicle, struck a cable median several times and only stopped five miles later while riding on a bare rim. She was taken to a hospital where it was discovered she was lying about that. She also had warrants out in three states at the time of her latest arrest: in Nebraska for violation of a court order, and in Idaho and OR for failure to appear for prior drink driving charges.

Schleicher had been previously busted for DUI-related offenses in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, California, Oregon and Minnesota, and had three oustanding warrants against her, according to the police chief. According to news reports of the incident, Schleicher was nursing the infant when officers approached her vehicle.