Print companies reveal gender pay gap data


The club's median gender pay gap is 31%.

Ms Fairbairn said knowing the average pay difference between men and women would help companies develop more inclusive workplaces and support more women into senior roles. These are the findings of independent research carried out for, a leading finance website aimed at women.

Turner, the parent company of CNN, said in a filing Tuesday that its mean gender pay gap in the United Kingdom was 21%, while its median gap was 27%.

Past year the United Kingdom government made it mandatory for any company with more than 250 employees to report its gender pay gap. "While we have similar numbers of men and women working at every level of the organisation our ambition of full equality remains undimmed".

HSBC explained that its mean pay gap - 59% - was the result of having more men in top jobs and more women in junior jobs.

57 per cent of 18 to 34 year olds who use a credit card are likely switch their credit card provider, compared to 37 per cent of adults aged 55 or over.

A source told the Press Gazette: "I think we're making ourselves look like fools and utter hypocrites, especially given all the work we do reporting on gender pay gaps elsewhere and how we make out like we're so pro equality".

The gender pay gap doesn't seem to have been a priority for these companies until now.

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Former Premier League champions Leicester City have published two sets of figures to show the gender pay gap between its employees.

Fashion retailers Coast and Phase Eight, the airlines Ryanair (RYAAY), EasyJet (ESYJY) and Virgin Atlantic, and banks including HSBC (HBCYF), Goldman Sachs (GS) and JP Morgan (JPM) all reported mean pay gaps of over 50%.

The rest of the employers either have no median gender pay gap (8%) or one in favour of women (13%). Employers have great intentions but as the pay gap data show, there's still a yawning gap between the corporate rhetoric and the reality of work for too many women.

But the company still had some important differences in how men and women are rewarded.

Unlike Amazon, however, Apple's statement cites both mean and median statistics and admits that by some measures its female employees are worse off.

Smaller pay gaps in East Anglia have proved not to be sector-specific.

Meanwhile the median, or middle, value paid to women was £10.57, and £12.42 for men.

Of the around 9,000 firms with more than 250 staff required to report by midnight, the BBC notes 8,870 had done so as of 7.00am. "And the idea that high-paid roles have to be those that are done all hours of the day and can't be done by women working flexibly or part time is discriminatory".