Snapchat Introduces New Group Video Chat Feature


In addition to the app's disappearing text chats - which Snapchat says were meant to make it feel like you were simply hanging out with your friends - you can now also host a group video chat with up to 16 of your buddies at once. As with many of Snapchat's past updates, Instagram is not far behind, as one recent article found a hidden group video chat feature buried in the platform's codebase.

The users can even use lenses during the video chat.

To start a Group Video Chat, open an existing group (or create a new one) and tap the video icon.

Snapchat's group video call feature will likely be a huge hit amongst its primary user group: teenagers. Tapping the new video icon will initiate a live video chat with everyone that's part of the group, and everyone will get a notification once you've started the call.

Snapcat is finally joining the rest of the messaging world with support for group video calling coming down the pipeline. However, users will be able to have group voice chats with up to 32 people. The app now lets you mention other Snapchat users within your snaps, which will have users discover new mutual friends through snaps.

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If you're tagged in a Snap, you'll receive a notification Snapchat's chat section that you've been mentioned in a Story. "To tag a friend in your post, type the "@" symbol and write the username of the person you want to tag.

Snapchat has been busy adding a slew of other features to the app over the last few weeks. We'll let you know when this feature inevitably makes its way into Instagram as well, so stay tuned. Internal reports have also shown users spend more time on Snap than Instagram.

The immitated becomes the immitator: It is now Snapchat's turn to co-opt hot features from less-popular rivals.

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