Major Pokemon Go update adds daily tasks, story mission, and Mew


Just as we predicted, this could revolutionise the game by giving players tasks and rewards, and even gives you the opportunity to catch the rarest ever Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is all geared up to introduce its new features.

IN ONE of the biggest updates to Pokemon Go ever, Niantic has revealed its brand new quest system.

The quests will unlock various rewards for players, leading up to a possible meeting with Mew, the game's first Mythical Pokemon. Players collect Field Research quests by spinning PokeStops, and then must do things like discovering and catching specific types of Pokemon or participating in gym battles.

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Special Research will be assigned by Professor Willow himself.

Special Research tasks are quests directly tied to Professor Willow, and carry their own storyline. Field Research could also open up Pokemon Go to having something that resembles a plot, especially during events. However, these research tasks have different levels of difficulty, so the more challenging a task, the better the rewards.

While you'll be free to complete as many objectives in a day as you'd like, you'll only be able to receive one stamp per day. According to Niantic, collecting seven stamps may be the key to encountering similarly legendary Pokémon.

Pokemon Go has been making a comeback with its popular Community Days, and recent addition of third-generation Pokemon. Not only does this break up the monotony of the game, it also gives players a chance to encounter Legendary Pokemon in the wild - something that wasn't previously available in the game.