Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus passes away


They're interested in more than half the 735 USA stores Toys R Us plans to liquidate, and want to be able to use the valuable brand name.

Toys "R" Us did not collapse because "kids want iPads, tablets or devices".

"There is nothing quite like the joy and awe of a child walking through the aisles of a Toys "R" Us store".

The chain has its roots in Children's Bargain Town, the baby furniture store that Lazarus opened 1948 in his hometown of Washington, D.C. He began selling toys after a couple of years when customers began asking for them, and he quickly concluded that, in the baby-boom years, toys were a more lucrative business than furniture.

The iconic retailer Toys "R" Us is one step closer to shutting down more than 700 of its USA stores leaving thousands of employees without a job.

"You're going to see some of the same toys at Toys R' Us, but we offer specialty toys you've probably never seen", says Stone.

Toys R Us clearance sales are starting after some initial hiccups.

She says bases are covered for Toys & that regard, as she and the rest of the company prides itself on community relations.

Lazarus, who stepped down as CEO of Toys "R" Us in 1994, transformed the toy industry with a business model that became one of the first retail category that is so devoted to one thing and have such an impressive selection that they drive smaller competitors out of business.

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As parents began to ask for toys, the American entrepreneur met their demand and in 1957 the business evolved into the famous toy store.

The Toys R Us troubles have hurt big toy makers like Mattel and Hasbro, which have been key suppliers to the chain.

Shoppers were lined up well before opening time Friday at Toys R Us near Christiana, but it was not Black Friday.

Larian's effort not only faces the hurdle of finding enough additional investors, it also would have to be cleared by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court overseeing Toys R Us' liquidation.

Rosenberg said Lazarus understood that the success of Toy R Us stemmed from creating a "circus-like atmosphere to keep kids wanting to come back every week".

Toys R Us is also likely to liquidate its businesses in Australia, France, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Toys "R" Us did not collapse because of Amazon, Walmart, or online shopping. It sought bankruptcy protection in the USA and Canada a year ago.

Many people stood in line stocking up on last minute Barbie dolls and action figures. Delighted manufacturers ran proposed products by his company before committing to wide-scale production, according to a 1986 article in Atlantic Monthly magazine, which called Lazarus "the person most responsible for loosening Santa's grip on the toy business".

Information for this article was contributed by Anne D'Innocenzio of The Associated Press.