Lyft doubles down on helping patients get rides to the doctor


Lyft on Monday is announcing a new partnership with Allscripts, a top electronic health records (EHR) company that serves 45,000 physician practices, 180,000 physicians and 2,500 hospitals.

"A lot of patients who do call for ambulance services to take them to a doctor's office that really don't need an ambulance, this service will help the emergency medical services maintaining additional resources in the community for those who really have 911 related emergencies", said Brent Dierking with Northstar Emergency Medical Services.

It's very much the next extension of our entrance into health care. Uber Health is a similar service to Lyft Concierge that focuses on health care partnerships to reduce transportation hurdles for patients. Results thus far point to a decrease in no-show rates, improved cancellation rates, and immediate cost savings for the health systems.

"This could be good for congestion if it causes vehicle occupancy rates to go up, but on the other hand, the Uber Pool rides and I guess these Express rides are really, really cheap, just a couple of dollars, so they're nearly certainly going to be pulling people away from public transport options", Wilson said. However, a recent announcement by Uber may be just what the driving service needed to convince customers to use their service over their competitors. According to Steingold, the price of an Uber X is about 40% cheaper than taxi fare. GoGoGrandparent links older riders without smartphones to Uber and Lyft rides for medical care.

Uber Health is an alternative transportation option for patients who need to get to and from scheduled doctor's appointments. If yes, the system will communicate with Lyft to schedule a ride for the patient. Healthcare technology companies like Bracket Global and Collective Health are also exploring ways that Uber Health can work with their offerings.

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This ends up costing the health care system about $150 billion each year.

The competition between Lyft and Uber is no secret to those that use either service, with each touting how their service is the better one.

Gyre Renwick, Vice president of Lyft Business, explained the partnership in a press release. Providers and patients can schedule transportation either within several hours or in advance up to thirty days. According to Margolis, tracking boards will provide real-time notifications for patient pickup, estimated time of arrival, and arrival for providers and other members of the care team.

Today, 3.6 million Americans have transportation issues that prevent them from getting to or from a doctor's appointment, and 25 percent of lower-income patients have missed or rescheduled appointments due to lack of transportation.