Isolated strong storms possible Sunday


Areas of rain & non-severe thunderstorms this morning are slated to move east of the Brazos Valley by 10-11am. "With an additional 1-3" possible tonight, and an already super saturated ground, flooding issues will likely arise. But, our temperatures will continue to fall into the 50s by this afternoon. Clouds will begin to decrease through the day Sunday with a high in the mid to upper 50s. A stronger center of low pressure has developed along that stationary front, and has transformed it into an associated warm and cold front. With the warmth comes more rain though. "Rain totals over the last week have been around 4 to 6" across the Ozarks. Temperatures will be cooler too with highs near 50° after clouds clear out.

The main storm center is located over northern IN, however a secondary area of low pressure is trying to develop over northwestern Virginia then tracking to our north and east by Thursday night into Friday. We stay dry with sunshine for the next couple of days and temperatures remain mild. Highs in the upper 60s.

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Some of these storms could be severe. This means, we'll see a long period of strong easterly winds.

Another frontal system will bring a few rounds of rain Wednesday and Thursday. Highs in the mid 70s. The 69News Stormcenter Team will be tracking the situation very closely throughout the week, and will, of course, keep you updated.