Anti-corruption watchdog ranks Georgia among best in region


Sri Lanka has moved up four places from 95th to 91st position in the Corruption Perceptions Index released by Transparency International for the year 2017. On scale of 100, Pakistan managed to secure 98th position whereas Bangladesh-who split from Pakistan in 1971-has been placed on 93rd slot. "It reveals that from significantly below-the-average score in both the Americas and globally in 2016, Jamaica's 2017 score is now on par with the Americas and marginally above the global average", Munroe added.

The launching of the Transparency International 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index yesterday has revealed a four point increment in PNGs' score since previous year.

The highest ranking countries are New Zealand and Denmark with 89 and 88 points respectively.

Western Europe was listed as the best-performing region and Sub-Saharan Africa as the worst.

Corruption Perception Index 2017 of Transparency International has given a score of 84 to Singapore. Two-thirds of the 180 countries scored below 50.

The World Competitiveness Yearbook gave Thailand a score of 43, down one point from past year.

While no country in the Asia Pacific region scores a flawless 100, not even New Zealand or Singapore, which both experienced their share of scandals in the a year ago, our analysis reveals little progress across the region.

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Somalia is ranked at the bottom of the list, and having regressed from its only double-digit score in the last decade in 2016, is ranked ninth.

Worawit said this assessment likely reflected the perception that investigations of criminal cases close to the government, case disclosure, political participation and press freedom remain weak points.

The Philippines, alongside India and Maldives, is also among the most corrupt countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

India has dropped two ranks in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2017, which NGO Transparency International released on Wednesday.

He drew attention to the fact that PNG now shares the 135th placing on this year's index with eight other countries including Russian Federation and Mexico; two countries where journalists have been killed for reporting.

Transparency International also found a link to show that "countries that score low for civil liberties also tend to score high for corruption".

Therefore, TI is calling on all governments that "hide behind restrictive laws" to roll them back immediately and allow for greater civic participation.