See Omarosa Manigault Reaction When Asked if She Slept With Donald Trump


Manigault Newman previously told cast member Ross Matthews that she was "haunted by tweets" sent by the President while working as the director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison.

For that reason, winning the first Head of Household competition and the first Power of Veto competition (with the 16-letter word "responsibilities") issued a warning to the rest of the house that she wasn't here to mess around. Brandi's move severely angered the house, particularly her own alliance. Omarosa suggested it would be hard to trust Brandi because of her choice to vote for Mark. Brandi says thank you to Metta for wanting to go home.

Omarosa Manigault Newman is adamant she's not one to sleep her way to the top - but others in the White House might be. Brandi (despite playing Big Brother once already in the United Kingdom version of CBB) is pretty much hopeless as a player. But what's more admirable: Shannon's commitment to playing her game despite the unusual and arguably unjust conditions or her fellow houseguests' awareness that she will pose an enormous threat to their chances of winning?

Brandi's alliance don't seem to know who they've aligned with, at all. There are just bigger threats elsewhere. "Don't let her talk to him". The first house guest to get the puzzle finished won, and that was... Ross, Marissa and Ariadna will totally throw Brandi to the wolves if given the chance.

In this situation, Brandi will be evicted.

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Brandi quickly fell for this, accidentally naming her final four alliance with Ross, Ari and Marissa in front of everyone in the kitchen. Brandi, that's frightful, ' Omarosa replied.

Marissa tells Ross that she is certain that Mark cut a deal.

But before the competition commenced, Omarosa got caught lying to James about how he was the house's real target this week. Nominating her was the last thing she should've done. Apparently, she believes she was "used and abused" by Clinton.

Matthews had asked for reassurance about the state of the county, but Manigault Newman certainly didn't give him any. She knew the game inside and out, which set her leagues above her competitors - and alliance.

"There was a big LA Times article about a big rally she did, and they quoted me saying how important I thought this race was and how important she would be and how she'd make history and all that", Manigault said.