South Korea and United States to resume military exercises after Paralympics


South Korea and the United States will make a joint statement on the matter after March 18, when the winter paraolympic games are over.

At the same time, the document does not mention the larger Foal Eagle field exercises. "Once the ROK-U.S. Alliance solidifies the dates, we will publish that".

"We now intend to conduct them as planned - to include the scope and scale - as part of maintaining a foundation of military readiness", it said.

"The [President Donald] Trump group's racket for resuming the war exercises is a wild act of ruthlessly trampling even a small sprout of peace that has been now seen on the Korean peninsula, and it is a provocative act of chilling the active efforts of [North Korea] and enthusiasm of the global community to defuse tension and create a peaceful environment", read a release from North Korea's state-media wing the Korean Central News Agency.

"We have nothing to additionally comment on the ROK-U.S. joint military exercises", ministry spokesperson Choi Hyun-soo told a regular news briefing. He gave no further details on the timing of the drills.

South Korea and the United States will announce their plan for joint military drills before April, Seoul's defense minister said on Tuesday.

"The exercise was postponed according to the spirit of the Olympics", Song said before his nation's parliament, according to Reuters.

"There is still a risk of conflict between North Korea and the USA, but fortunately the two countries seem to have been feeling the need for dialogue lately", he said during a meeting with Slovenia's president, according to his office.

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Pyongyang has already warned that it will not remain silent if Washington and Seoul continue with military exercises.

North Korean state media published several editorials Monday railing against the USA and joint drills.

The drills had been postponed to avoid conflicting with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics in South Korea.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Monday released a commentary warning the Trump administration to "ponder over the catastrophic consequence" of staging the exercises.

He also said the North didn't ask for the postponement of the drills as a condition for participating in the Olympics or the inter-Korean talks.

Tuesday's meeting also saw the unification minister rule out the possibility of returning 12 former restaurant worker defectors to the DPRK.

Only 16 countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria ranked lower than North Korea, with 95th place being the worst ranking.

"We can't review the North's request as they came to the South and settle on their own will", Cho said on Tuesday.