Google begins roll-out of unified Google Pay


When it comes to the differences, well, for the most part, it's just a new app with pretty much the same functionality aside from new branding, a new UI, and a new icon. In 2015, Google spun off Google Wallet's tap-to-pay, in-app payments, and online checkout features into a separate app and service - Android Pay.

Back to what Google is telling us right now, the company has said that Google Pay will make it easier for the users to use the payment information saved in their Google Accounts for shopping online, in store, as well as for peer-to-peer payments. Today, we're seeing the end result of those efforts, as the new Google Pay app has officially launched on the Play Store. But in today's market, where Venmo and the gig economy are demonstrating the value of personal payments, Google realized a need to bring P-to-P back.

Apart from your regular credit and debit cards, you can also store all your gift cards, reward points, loyalty programs and offers in the Card section of the app. If you have been using Android Pay, all the features that you have come to expect are present in Google Pay as well.

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Instant screenshot editing is now a built-in feature of the Google app, allowing users to immediately apply tweaks and then share images directly captured on Android mobile devices. The facility is available in only a few cities at the moment (Kiev, Portland, and London), with more being added soon. Recognising this differentiation was unnecessary, Google's now replacing the apps with the single "Google Pay" brand. "We give developers a very simple API to implement Google Pay", Bhat noted, "The API is simple because we are not processing that payment".

In addition, Google is also launching a redesign of the Google Wallet app for sending and requesting money - and it's now called Google Pay Send.

Google is kicking Android Pay and Google Wallet to the curb. According to Google, Google Pay is not working with iPhones.