Washington imposes 'arms embargo' on S. Sudan, urges related calls from UN


The move restricts exports of arms and other equipment to anyone in the country who's involved in the civil war there, which is now going on its fifth year.

We urge all countries, including South Sudan's neighbors, to promote peace and save innocent lives by cutting off the flow of defense articles and defense services to South Sudan and to halt support to actors who are working to destabilise the country.

The IGAD which mediates the process, the African Union and the worldwide community said frustrated by the failure of the warring parties in South Sudan to commit themselves to the humanitarian truce and to create a conducive environment for the revitalization process.

Grandi told reporters the call for funding is meant to "remind the world that this conflict which drags on and on and doesn't seem to end has a human cost".

The Obama administration attempted in December 2016 to convince the United Nations to back an arms embargo against South Sudan.

In a press statement here on Friday, Ms Heather Nauert, Department Spokesperson, said the U.S. was implementing restrictions on the export of defence articles and defence services into South Sudan. "Approximately 2.4-million South Sudanese have fled as refugees to neighboring countries and 1.9-million South Sudanese are internally displaced", she said. "We will continue to take actions against those who foment violence and obstruct the peace process", Nauert said.

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Independent UN experts have reported to the UN Security Council that South Sudan's government has spent millions of dollars on weapons as the country slid into starvation and an economic crisis.

"Just last month President Kiir promoted three generals who this councel sanctioned in 2015", explained Haley.

South Sudan gained independence in 2011 but fell into a civil war in 2013, with tens of thousands killed and almost 4 million displaced since.

The US announcement comes four days after the African Union said it was open to imposing sanctions on leaders violating the ceasefire agreement in South Sudan.

In January 2016, United Nations experts reported that sources had told them: "Uganda either supplies South Sudan with its own stock or acquires the weapons and then transfers them to South Sudan, without necessarily involving or obtaining the consent of the primary seller".