Falcon Heavy: Massive SpaceX rocket lights 27 engines


SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that the Falcon Heavy will launch on February 6.

"Aiming for the first flight of Falcon Heavy on Feb 6 from Apollo launchpad 39A at Cape Kennedy". Now the three-core, 27-engine, 5-million-pound-plus thrust rocket is ready for its debut flight.

"Easy viewing from the public causeway".

However, two days later Musk confirmed the February 6 launch date, while Chris Gerbhardt, assistant managing editor, journalist, and writer for @NASASpaceflight, said the 7th would be a back-up day. SpaceX SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket sits on pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center on Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017. Inside it are 27 Merlin engines housed in Falcon 9 nine-engine cores. Falcon Heavy was built using the proven heritage and reliability of Falcon 9.

The 70m-tall Falcon Heavy is created to put up to a maximum of 64 tonnes in low-Earth orbit, although in reality it will be rare that the vehicle lofts this much mass.

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Musk first unveiled the Falcon Heavy project in 2011 as the rocket created to take humans to space and a crewed mission to Mars.

SpaceX successfully test-fired its first Falcon Heavy rocket on Wednesday.

Last week, Musk shared photographs from the Falcon Heavy's static fire test. The new rocket should be capable of carrying 63,800 kg (almost 141,000 lbs.) to low earth orbit (LEO).

Since announcing Falcon Heavy, which is out-performed only by NASA's retired Saturn V rocket, Musk has characterized the maiden flight as "high-risk" due to the "aerial ballet" of coordination required to get it off the ground and land all three boosters.

The Tesla will be mounted inside the Falcon Heavy's upper covering and will boost into a heliocentric orbit around the sun on trajectory as far away as the orbit of Mars. "I love the thought of a vehicle drifting apparently endlessly through space and perhaps being discovered by an alien race millions of years in the future", Musk explained in a tweet last month. During the first launch, Falcon Heavy's engines will be throttled to 92 percent of full power. Tom will be heading to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station early tomorrow morning in order to set up his remote cameras to capture yet another handsome SpaceX launch. Large white clouds of the engine exhaust swelled out into the blue sky with everything around seemed to be quite normal: The rocket that stood tall at 70 meter of 230-foot has been spotlessly white even after the test on such a historic pad that was once used for the launch of NASA's space shuttles and Apollo moon rockets. Literally, three SpaceX Falcon boosters will be strapped together.