Elon Musk's 'Super Terrible Idea': a $500 Flamethrower


So, it looks like Elon Musk is selling flamethrowers to the general public and, yeah, let's all buy one.

Whether you're looking to get of rid that spider in the corner, you're exhausted of plowing your driveway in the winter, or you're just looking to liven up the party, Elon Musk has a flamethrower for you! "Works against hordes of the undead or your money back!"

Unless Musk really does have a secret zombie-making process and stands ready to supply the incendiary-industrial complex once he turns them all loose, we're gonna believe his original story: that this whole thing comes from a fun place. He wrote: "The rumor that I'm secretly creating a zombie apocalypse to generate demand for flamethrowers is completely false".

At the end of 2017, the company sold 50,000 black baseball caps bearing the company's logo for $20 (£14) each. Musk could have sold more, but the company capped sales of the hat.

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Elon Musk is probably best known for his goal to get to Mars, but he has other aspirations, like building traffic tunnels.

Musk posted a video to his 4.8 million Instagram followers showing him running at the camera using the flamethrower, captioned: "Don't do this. World's safest flamethrower!" Mr Musk said of his unusual new product.

Everyone assumed it was some kind of weird joke, even when the availability to pre-order popped up on their website, except that CNBC are now reporting that the company have already sold over $3.5 million worth of flamethrowers. For those questioning how it is possible for consumers to be able to buy flamethrowers, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives does not regulate them as firearms, leaving little regulation.

Asked whether the Boring Company's new device was authentic or, in fact, some sort of early April Fools' Day joke, a company spokesman insisted that the device was no joke, according to the San Jose Mercury News. And, branded with the name of Musk's Boring Co., it's something you can preorder for $500.