Russian money laundering probed at Trump's Doonbeg golf course


The bank, Vnesheconombank (VEB), is also believed by investigators on the case to have funded Trump's golf courses in both Doonbeg, County Clare and Turnberry, Scotland.

US Congress has been asking questions about Donald Trump's funding of his Irish golf course - and whether it could have been financed with Russian mafia money.

The House of Representatives panel is conducting one of the three congressional investigations into possible collusion between Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian Federation.

Simpson also detailed facts Fusion GPS claimed to have uncovered about the president while the firm was contracted by the conservative Washington Free Beacon to do research on then-candidate Trump and other GOP contenders for the White House.

"That's exactly my point, is that if we knew that Donald Trump was working with the Russian mafia to fund Doonbeg in Ireland, then there's no way he would be President".

Simpson noted that while the statements don't "on their face" show Russian involvement, they do show "enormous amounts of capital flowing into these projects from unknown sources".

"But because the Irish courses and the Scottish courses are under United Kingdom, you know, Anglo corporate law, they have - they file financial statements".

Republican Tom Rooney of Florida added: "I mean, the story about him financing Doonbeg in Ireland through money that we can't really trace but has sort of the fingerprints of Russian mobsters".

Asked whether he saw Russian money involved with them he replied: "Well, we had - you know, we saw what Eric Trump said about Russian money being available for his golf - for the golf course projects, making remarks about having unlimited sums available".

"And these golf course are just, you know, they're sinks".

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"And sometimes properties would be bought and sold, and they would be bought for one price and sold for a loss shortly thereafter, and it really didn't make sense to us".

"There were a lot of real estate deals where you couldn't really tell who was buying the property", Simpson said. "And that didn't make sense to me, doesn't make sense to me to this day".

Recently released testimony shows Fusion GPS founder was trying to steer the FBI away from further investigation of the Clintons while he was encouraging investigators to look into Trump.

You can read the entire testimony from Simpson here.

Donald Trump had links to the Russian mafia during his time as a real estate developer, according to the founder of the company behind the infamous dossier alleging ties between the president and Russia.

Mr Trump's Irish golf course has yet to turn a profit.

President Trump resigned as a board member of TIGL Ireland Enterprises Ltd days prior to being sworn in as US President last January.

Mr Trump bought the resort of nearly €9 million in 2014, the year before he announced his candidacy for the USA presidency, and promised to invest €45 million in the business.

During his testimony before the House select intelligence committee on November 14, Simpson told investigators that none of the information Steele obtained about Trump stood out as improbable.