'Another person of interest' in Vegas gun massacre


A couple who survived the Las Vegas shooting massacre in October 2017 will get a free wedding later this year, as the bills of the ceremony will be borne by a California-based organization.

Mr Lombardo said police still do not know why Paddock carried out the killings.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Paddock had visited Las Vegas earlier in September and rented a room at the Ogden condominium building during the time the Life is attractive outdoor music festival was taking place, from September 22 through September 24.

Two months before the shooting, in August, Paddock had booked a reservation at a Chicago hotel and specifically requested a room overlooking the outdoor venue of Lollapalooza, a major music festival.

But he noted that investigators found "numerous" images of child pornography on Paddock's computers. "Located in the las vegas area", read one message sent to an account investigators believe was controlled by Paddock, the documents state. He also searched on Bing: "Mandalay Bay Las Vegas", "Route 91 harvest festival 2017 attendance", and "Route 91 harvest festival 2017".

Months after Paddock killed 58 people and wounded more than 800 others with a barrage of bullets from the Mandalay Bay casino-hotel, investigators still have not answered the question of motive.

The sheriff in Las Vegas says a federal grand jury is hearing evidence in a case spun off of the October 1 mass shooting that became the deadliest in modern US history.

Inquiries have been brought about Danley's receipt up in the Philippines of a $10,000 wire exchange from Paddock days before the shooting.

He also began to buy firearms and Ms Danley believed it was a hobby of his, the report says. She was addressed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation when she touched base in Los Angeles from overseas, and was portrayed as collaborating with specialists.

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Paddock killed himself with a gunshot to the mouth before police reached him.

Lombardo and Aaron Rouse, FBI specialist in control in Las Vegas, had portrayed Danley as a man of enthusiasm for the examination however not a suspect.

Investigators in Las Vegas released information Friday about Paddock's Google searches as they revealed the motive behind the worst mass shooting in modern USA history remains a mystery.

Adamczyk said, "We are so incredibly thankful, and I think we said before that we wanted to live for those that were not able to make it out of there that's out goal, that is still what we are trying to do every day". There was no evidence of radicalization or ideology, the report says.

Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was in the Philippines at the time of the mass shooting and has denied any knowledge of the plot.

The early-September stay was detailed in an extensive 81-page report released Friday by Metro.

Lombardo says he does not expect charges to be filed against Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who had been previously called a person of interest in the case. Lombardo said investigators found that Paddock possessed child pornography too.

Police also released previously unseen photographs of the crime scene as part of a preliminary report about the brutal slaying of 58 people in October a year ago. Last week, a judge unsealed court documents after several media outlets sued.

Danley told investigators that they would find her fingerprints on bullets used during the attack because she would sometimes help Paddock load high-volume ammunition magazines, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation records.