Scientologist Elisabeth Moss branded a hypocrite for Golden Globe acceptance speech


"I think our biggest challenged as a group is just trying to do this incredible book justice", she said, referring to the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood that inspired the series.

Moss thanked Atwood and other women "who were courageous enough to speak out against intolerance and injustice" before slightly altering Atwood's words saying, "We no longer live in the blank white spaces at the edge of print". We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. "We lived in the gaps between the stories, '" Moss told the crowd.

Ms. Moss, who was raised in Scientology, has defended her beliefs in the past, telling an Instagram user in August that "religious freedom and tolerance and understanding the truth and equal rights for every race, religion and creed are extremely important" to her. She used part of her acceptance speech to express support for those who speak out against abuse and spoke about playing an "outrageous, complicated woman - a terrified mother".

"We no longer live in the blank white spaces at the edge of print". We no longer live in the gaps in the stories.

Elisabeth Moss golden globes
Elisabeth Moss accepting her award for Best Actress in a Drama. Source NBC

"We have been silenced, marginalized, belittled, assaulted, excluded, and harassed, once, twice, too many times", the Handmaids wrote. We are the story in print.

Many of us were taught not to tattle. And Kevin Bacon is not only a star, he'll let some lucky presenter say "I Love Dick" on national television.

"But I also think that our show reflects back to our audience what our audience is going through, and what they're feeling and thinking, and what they want to talk about". Bless you, bless everyone who worked on this. We are here for the work. Ewan McGregor won best actor in the category for Fargo. And my wife, who put up with my insane for over a year.

She said: "I certainly think as artists, we have a platform and we have an opportunity to talk about things". Which is, I suppose, better than the other way around. It illustrates that words and actions can change the world, and boy oh boy, does it need some changing.

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