Surprise! Dave Chappelle Has Another Netflix Special on the Way


Comedy Central will ring in the new year with a Chappelle's Show marathon, which ran on the network from 2003-2006.

If you're too young, too old or you were just missing during the reign of the Chappelle Show, this is the ideal opportunity to finally see what everyone else has been talking about for the large part of the last two decades 15. You'll either catch a classic or be surprised by a deep cut you haven't thought about in forever, like "Wrap It Up".

Netflix has announced that it will be releasing not one, but two Chappelle shows on December 31.

This will bring the total number of Netflix specials for Chappelle up to four, with two hilarious ones already available on the service.

The comedian goes on to compliment the group of people he spoke with, calling them "decent folk", but called their comments about Trump "naive, poor, white people things". Trump released a new tax bill in recent weeks which would lower taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

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And I stood with them in line, like all of us Americans are required to do in a democracy - nobody skips the line to vote - and I listened to them.

Chappelle is referring to the "poor whites" who voted for Trump and the reason why he is now the country's commander-in-chief. "You are poor - he's fighting for me!"

Netflix reportedly paid him roughly $60 million for his three comedy specials. But in a trailer uploaded to YouTube late Friday morning, the streaming giant revealed that Chappelle had also filmed a second special to appear on Netflix, "The Bird Revelation". Full disclosure: Poor whites are my least favorites, ' Chappelle joked.

"I'm wishing Donald Trump luck", he said at the time. Hopefully more to come in 2018!