Elderly couple said 60 pounds of pot was for Christmas presents


Nebraska officers arrested a couple in their eighties after finding 60 pounds of marijuana in their truck during a traffic stop, according to the York County Sheriff's Department.

However, police say 80-year-old Patrick Jiron and his 83-year-old wife Barbara Jiron won't be filling stockings with holiday cheer this year. They told police they were traveling from California and meant to make stops in Boston, Mass. and Vermont to distribute the holiday cheer to family and friends.

During the traffic stop, deputies noticed a strong scent of the sticky-icky emanating from the Toyota Tacoma. The couple told police that they were transporting "Christmas presents".

The odor led to a search that found 60 pounds of marijuana, worth about $336,000, inside boxes, the newspaper reported. The elderly couple were driving from northern California to Boston and Vermont when they were stopped by the Nebraska sheriff's department. The marijuana had an estimated street value of over $300,000.

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Barbara was not arrested, but Patrick was - he's now out on bond.

An update from the YNT explains Patrick was jailed on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp.

When asked about the Jirons' custody status by the Washington Post, authorities simply replied, "they're not here". "Legalization of marijuana for any objective has proven to be a risky proposition because the controls placed on its use in other states have fallen short", Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts said in 2015.