A Catherine remake to bring new content to PS4 and Vita


The new character's name is Rin, and she plays piano at the bar protagonist Vincent regularly hangs out in, with an "honest and gentle" personality. Trust us, it's very hard to explain, but our review does a pretty decent job.

The subtitle "Full Body" was chosen from the wine term, and exemplifies an even richer and somehow more erotic new Catherine.

More details on the remake will be coming on December 22 on a Niconico livestream, where Atlus will no doubt reveal more juicy details about exactly what this re-release will entail. Fingers crossed there'll be a Western release on the cards soon. Her story threads will open up new paths for Vincent's involvement with the other two "Catherine".

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The remake will contain additional contents: new endings, a new ending song, a lot more anime cutscenes, new episodes and new gameplay elements, one of which is a new mechanic that requires you to move a series of linked boxes. Studio Zero Broadcast 2017."is expected to start at 19:30 JST". Brand-new features have also been added; the most notable being the change on difficulty settings, which can now be increased or decreased depending on whether you want a challenge or you're just here for the story.

First released in 2011, Catherine stars Vincent, an earnest yet spineless 32-year-old software designer who is tempted away from his uptight girlfriend Katherine by the free-spirited Catherine. Second, it got me looking back into games I half-completed or overlooked, wondering if they would receive a PS4 remaster. Multiplayer online battles and the ability to cross-save on platforms should also be in the final version game.

As Gematsu reports, Catherine Full Body will be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan.