Happening Tonight: Geminid Meteor Shower


The National Weather Service indicates the sky will be mostly clear for the meteor shower Wednesday night with a temperature near 57.

Skies should be mainly clear this evening for the meteor shower, one of the best of the year. With the past few meteor showers, a full or almost full moon has not made for the best viewing conditions.

Although the Geminids can be seen from cities, it is advised to head out to a play were artificial lights do not interfere with your viewing.

She said: "We are in luck this year as the moon will be a thin waning crescent during the peak and will not rise until a few hours before dawn on the 14th". Expect to see meteors at a rate of about one per minute, says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. Phaethon's flyby this year is the closest it has come to Earth since its discovery in 1983, giving scientists a chance for an up-close view.

The name "Geminids" comes from the constellation Gemini as the meteors appear to spark outward from the star formation. The Geminid meteors are leftover comet particles and bits from asteroids, unlike other meteor showers.

The Gemini constellation is to the right of that and above it.

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"The great thing about a meteor shower is that you don't need any special tools".

Get away from bright lights and look up in any direction. When its grit burns up in our atmosphere, it creates the shooting star effect.

The Geminids can be seen all around the world. The best views will be in the Northern Hemisphere.

You may spot a meteor as early as 7 PM this evening, but the best viewing window will be between 10 PM and 3 AM.

The weather tonight won't be the best for viewing the meteor shower as there is dispersed cloud cover all over the United Kingdom, but make sure to check out your window before your trudge out to watch the show, you may see clear skies and be lucky. NASA will live stream the Geminid shower, according to FOX 13.