Pima County flu cases 7x what they were this time a year ago


Ironically, the latter of the three has had a very strong resurgence this year in Australia, especially the northeastern state of Queensland.

The department is also urging people to practice good hygiene, including hand-washing, covering your mouth while coughing, and anything else to stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses during the flu season's height.

This flu season is beginning earlier than the previous couple of years, which had unusually late starts. As health officials rushed to contain the outbreak, the CDC admitted that the 2014 flu vaccine did not protect well against H3N2 - it had just seven percent chance of protection.

A group of Australian researchers found that this year's flu vaccine may be just 10 percent effective in keeping the flu and colds at bay.

This year's flu shot is even less effective, the USA confirmed.

This year, USA health authorities have confirmed over 7,000 new flu cases, which represents a twofold increase from last year's levels.

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Dr. Karen Shelton, the health director for the Mt. Rogers Health District, said Thursday marked a change in the presence of influenza across the commonwealth.

"They have a less tropical climate, one that's more like ours", Patel said in a news release. "Typically, we don't see flu starting to arrive in Pima County until February or March". USA flu vaccines are created to fight the same strain of the virus that spreads during the Australian flu season.

What's more, American vaccine manufacturers look at the strain hitting Australia when producing the vaccines for the US, but that strain can mutate within the six to eight months the USA industry needs to produce the vaccines. The other half of the equation is the public's civic duty to help protect one another by getting the flu vaccination even if you don't think you need it.

Richard Webby, PhD, is a member of the infectious disease department at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and one of a select group of scientists responsible for determining which flu vaccines will be put into circulation each year.

Right now, in North Idaho, flu cases are on the rise. The flu vaccine can not give you the flu. This is your immune system doing its job, and should only last a day or so.

Vaccines are usually less effective when the H3N2 strain is involved.