Trump to record robocall for Roy Moore


During what appeared to be a reelection-campaign rally on Friday night in Pensacola, Florida, President Trump once again urged residents in next-door Alabama to vote for GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore in Tuesday's special election.

He continued: "We want jobs, jobs, jobs, so get out and vote for Roy Moore".

Several women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct, and pursuing them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

"We can not afford, the future of this country can not afford to lose the seat", Trump said referring to his party's narrow 52-48 advantage in the Senate.

The senior US Senator from Alabama said he wrote in another Republican, but refused to disclose the Republican's name.

So, it's no small thing when Trump seized on news on Friday (Saturday NZT) that one of Moore's accusers acknowledged she wrote some notations on an inscription in a yearbook that she claims Moore signed. You know the yearbook? "It's a disgusting new low that the President, the RNC, and the rest of the Republican Party are trying to help send a pedophile to the US Senate, and the American people won't soon forget it". "Did you see that?" Trump asked at the rally.

"We can not afford - this country, the future of this country, can not afford to lose a seat in the very, very close United States Senate".

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At a hair salon, Emma Howell, the 21-year-old manager, rolls her eyes at the mention of Moore, saying he has broken the habitual Republican vote among her generation.

"I understand where the president is coming from; we would've liked to retain that seat in the US Senate", Shelby said.

Numerous Republicans have called on Moore to step aside in the race.

That's why it was so notable when the White House said the president wouldn't explicitly campaign for Moore.

Steve Bannon, former chief White House strategist and ardent Moore supporter, presents the election as a choice between Trump and his 2016 presidential election rival Hillary Clinton.

While Trump did not travel to Alabama to campaign for Moore ahead of Tuesday's election, Pensacola is near the Alabama border and feeds television markets in the state.