YouTube Reportedly Launching A New Music Subscription Service in March 2018


YouTube is referring to this music streaming service internally as Remix and is said to include the on-demand streaming as in Spotify along with the YouTube-only elements such as video clips.

The company states that its family of Echo speakers along with the company's unlimited music streaming service are coming to 28 new countries listed above. Meanwhile, Warner Music Group is already signed on to the project. At the moment, Spotify boasts over 140 million monthly users while Apple Music has over 30 million subscribers. Rumors suggest the platform kept negotiating with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment for over a year. Moreover, it will provide more revenue to music labels that have been pushing for more money from the video site.

YouTube will launch another attempt at a music streaming service in March of next year. Not only has YouTube been trying to negotiate new deals with Universal and Sony for more than a year, but it also has a talks with Vevo looming early next year.

The merger of the two teams was the first step towards the creation of an entirely new service to cater to the music-centric chunk of users. In 2011 the company introduced Google Play Music and its subscription-based music streaming service. There's Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and even Google's own option, Google Play Music.

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"Alexa for Business brings the Alexa you know and love into the workplace to help all types of workers to be more productive and organized on both personal and shared Echo devices", said Tara Walker of Amazon Web Services in a blog post. And record company executives have been criticizing Google for not being able to monetize and compensate them properly, given that a huge number of YouTube users "listen" to music videos on the service.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube will need to figure out several issues to meet its March 2018 launch date.

Amazon Prime Video finally launched for Apple TV a couple days ago, and the app is being featured heavily in the tvOS App Store. Let's see how impressive this new Google's service would be!