MI weather today: Last really warm day for a long time


Monday (Dec. 4) will see some isolated showers through the evening before a cold front moves through Tuesday. The front will bring temperatures that are well above average.

The easterly winds often freeze Britain for a week or more, with ice and snow flurries plus more widespread snow dumps when moist Atlantic fronts hit the cold air.

Temperatures are expected to reach the 60s by Tuesday, but a turn to freezing temperatures later this week will mean the first chance to see a few snowflakes this season.

The inflow of arctic air is expected to bring plenty of sunny spells, but the temperature will be far lower than the milder weather the United Kingdom is now experiencing. Rain coverage will then increase Tuesday afternoon and continue into early Wednesday morning.

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By Friday morning, up to eight inches of snow has been forecast in the Scottish Highlands by STV weather presenter Sean Batty. For the last 10 days high temperatures in Jackson were 70° or above. We will have a thin line of heavier rain, with some embedded thunder marching across the area by the afternoon.

National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Mead forecasts the cold and wintry weather headed to mid-Michigan. On Friday night a sharp or severe frost will develop with icy patches as temperatures fall to between -3 and 0 degrees. "It will be very cold and get progressively colder coming into Friday", he warned.

This process is most effective when winds are light, because colder air from aloft descends to the surface more readily, as the air isn't being mixed up by the wind.

As mentioned earlier, if rain falls for long enough, evaporative cooling can gradually lower the temperature, resulting in it turning to snow.