NY asks residents to buy local Christmas trees


In fact, White said the farm just opened up another plot of trees about a mile away from the original location.

"Connecticut's Christmas tree growers work hard all year to prepare for this season, and they are looking forward to another great year", Agriculture Commissioner Steven K. Reviczky said.

"Kind of a family Christmas tradition the day after thanksgiving", says Andy Shrake, Christmas tree buyer.

At White's the price of trees have not gone up as result of tree shortage.

Her family went to Pepper Tree Farms in West Monroe to pick out their Christmas tree.

And since it takes six to ten years for trees to grow, there aren't enough mature trees now.

A project by the Hawaii Forest Institute is aiming to establish a homegrown Christmas tree industry on the Big Island by the finding the right environmental conditions for different types of coniferous trees.

Christmas tree shortage expected to last through 2025

It's a classic example of supply and demand, National Christmas Tree Association spokesman Doug Hundley said.

"You really need to for the first week or more you need to constantly keep it full it will it will drink a lot of water very fast and never let it dry out, that's key", said Mann. We don't have to sell them on the idea of getting a tree.

"If there were no Christmas trees, where would Santa put your presents?"

"We may run out on our retail end because some of the normal retailers in the Charleston area may not have even been able to purchase trees, or if they have their supply may have been cut back", Poe said.

He's been growing and selling them for 34 years.

As the number of trees making the cut each year shrinks, customers should expect to see a difference on price tags too. Many Christmas tree farmers are retiring and their children aren't always interested in continuing the family business, Hundley said.

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