Hardik Patel accepts Congress formula, offers full support


The law of the land as laid down by the Supreme Court is very clear.

"From the statements that I have seen so far, the Congress-Hardik club is one of mutual deception".

He said Congress has been completely exposed before the Assembly elections.

Hardik however, said that they are not openly extending support to Congress, but since they are in fight with BJP, the support goes to Congress. The PAAS leader also claimed that the BJP was trying to "buy them off". With dissent in the rank and file of PASS leaders going viral since release of first list of 77 Congress nominees late on Sunday evening, PASS leader Hardik Patel postponed the proposed rally in Rajkot on Monday and also cancelled his press conference scheduled in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. The BJP veteran leader warned Hardik that a day will come when people of the Patidar community would teach him a lesson for "playing with their sentiments".

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Talking to the media, Patel said that if Congress comes to power, it will bring in a bill to give reservation to Patidars and will include the same in its upcoming election manifesto. "All we can share with you is that Congress and PAAS will work together to remove 22 years of misrule of BJP", he said.

The Supreme Court ruled in a landmark case in 1992 (Indra Sawhney etc vs Union Of India And Others) that the total reservation including SC, ST and OBC quotas has to stay within the 50 percent limit to balance reservation against the principle of equality for every citizen as enshrined in Article 14 and clause 1 of Article 16. The opposition party (Congress) had accepted its demand for reservation for the Patel community, he said. "In the name of reservation, Congress has given a "lollipop" to Hardik".

"Though it is very much clear that reservation quota can not go beyond 50 per cent in any situation, Hardik is trying to misguide the Patidar community with the formula offered by the Congress".

Sibal, however, held his cards close to chest when asked about the details of the formula the Congress and the Patel- led PAAS had worked out, adding the related issues would be decided later.