Sheriff's Panties in a Twist Over Truck With Anti-Trump Message


"If I had to explain what "grab them by the p--y" meant to my kids, you can explain "F-k Trump" to yours", another Facebook comment on the post read.

"I have received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck as it is often seen along FM 359", the Facebook post read Wednesday.

In a move that has sparked controversy about freedom of speech, authorities in Texas announced they are looking for the owner of a pickup truck who has been driving around with a "F-k Trump" decal on the rear window. "Now you have a breach of the peace", said Nehls in a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The sheriff southwest of Houston put out a call for information, saying that a prosecutor had already told him that she could bring disorderly conduct charges.

Fonseca says the decal, which she had custom made 11 months ago for $25, speaks for many.

It's unclear whether or not the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department will proceed with disorderly conduct charges now that Forsenca and her truck have received national attention. He says Karen Fonseca was picked up for an outstanding warrant from August.

"I don't think people are offended, and if they are, they just need to take a deep breath, change the channel, drive by the auto, and get on with their lives", Wice said.

"This is nothing", she said.

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And, apparently, the county's prosecutor is on board, ready to file Disorderly Conduct charges.

Others said the language used in the sticker was just as graphic as previous statements from President Donald Trump, alluding to 2005 tape, where Trump spoke to former NBC TV personality Billy Bush. "They smile. They stop you".

Fonseca told the newspaper she and her husband were just exercising their freedom of speech and did not plan to remove the sticker.

Facebook users responded to Nehls' post with plenty of criticism.

The white vehicle, which is said to have been spotted a few times on a motorway in Houston, carries a sticker on its back window that says "F*** Trump and f*** you for voting for him". "I think this is more a problem with political speech than actual language".

Profanity is sometimes, but not always, protected under the First Amendment's right to free speech.

"According to the case, the Supreme Court overturned a conviction for the crime of disturbing the peace for wearing a jacket in the courtroom that displayed the phrase "F*** the draft".