Obama reports for jury duty in Chicago


Former President Barack Obama has arrived in Chicago for jury duty.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans informed reporters shortly before noon that Obama had been assigned to a panel but was not called.

When he entered the jury room, he took time to shake everyone's hand and sign a few books other potential jurors had with them.

In fact, Obama was also summoned in 2010 but that was during his most powerful leader in the world period, and he was able to postpone reporting, according to his spokeswoman, Katie Hill. Palmer joked. Would-be jurors were excited by the prospect of serving alongside the former president. When he arrived there was a feeding frenzy as crowds of people inside the courthouse took photos and videos of the former president. "You brought a book and everything!"

"Did you know I was coming?"

Obama arrived at the justice center in Chicago by motorcade, according to several US media reports that showed him entering the building and being greeted by people at the courthouse.

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Like all prospective jurors, Obama earned US$17.20 ($24.70) for his day of service, which is actually pretty good considering he was only there two hours.

"The Former president was here at our invitation", Evans said.

This isn't his first time Obama has been selected for jury duty since he was elected president.

Obama now resides in Washington D.C., but still has his Chicago home in Kenwood.

Nor is Obama the first famous Chicago resident to be called to jury duty.

Bush reported for jury duty in Dallas, Texas in 2015.