Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia forced Lebanese PM to resign


The resignation of Lebanese President Saad al-Hariri must be a wake-up call for the world about the aggressive attempts by Iran to infiltrate countries and impose its will on other countries, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in a statement Motzoei Shabbos.

In a stunning move on Saturday, Hariri announced his resignation in a televised statement from Saudi Arabia, citing an assassination plot targeting him.

Hezbollah was founded with Iranian support in 1982 to resist the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and has since emerged as a regional power in its own right.

Referring to the resignation letter of Hariri, the source went on saying a short review of the wording of the letter leaves no doubt that it was the Saudis who had dictated the resignation on Hariri. "This aggressiveness endangers not only Israel, but the entire Middle East".

Ghasemi dismissed Hariri's "baseless accusations", which he said indicate that "a new scenario" for the region was being drawn.

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"I have sensed what is being plotted covertly to target my life", said Hariri from the Saudi capital Riyadh, also mentioning that "we are living in a climate similar to the atmosphere that prevailed before the assassination of martyr Rafik Al Hariri", his father who was assassinated in 2005 in an attack blamed on Shiite Hizbollah, whose main backer is Iran.

A United Nations -backed tribunal has indicted five Hezbollah members for the killing but the group denies any involvement. Hezbollah denies any involvement. Arab news sources said that al-Hariri had very recently survived an assassination attempt, which was the direct impetus for his decision. Hariri has frequently called on the group to withdraw its fighters from Syria. Saad al-Hariri's resignation threatens to reignite sectarian divisions in the country.

Hariri, a Sunni Muslim, has been serving as prime minister since December 2016.

Earlier this week, Saudi State Minister for Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan sharply criticized Hezbollah, calling for its "toppling" and promising "astonishing developments" in the coming days during an interview with the Lebanese TV station MTV.

Hariri abruptly returned to the kingdom again on Friday after a meeting in Beirut with Ali-Akbar Velayati, foreign adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader.