WhatsApp users left 'stranded' on Friday morning


Delete for Everyone feature will let the user revoke a sent message within a time span of 7 minutes after it has been sent.

India is WhatsApp's biggest market with about 200 million of its billion-plus users.

WhatsApp official released a statement after fixing the outage problem.

Facebook Inc's WhatsApp messenger was down for some users in India, according to user accounts on Facebook and Twitter on Friday afternoon. Many panicked because they were unsure whether it was a local problem, an issue with their phone or the entire nation.

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But the service is back now and has been restored partially. That means that by the time some users began hearing about the problem, WhatsApp was already working for them again. For a brief period, the particular website faced an outage as well because these sites don't receive so much traffic at once but it spiked all of sudden.

Meanwhile, users took to Twitter to express their outrage over the issue. Other countries where the outage was popping up on social media included Pakistan, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, and Myanmar, Reuters had said. We are working on it and hope to restore the functionality shortly.

WhatsApp being done for an hour is one thing, for a few hours is just bad.

Many people are getting texts from their friends that message was deleted by using this new feature.