GameStop Will Provide a Subscription Service for Unlimited Used Games


You will also be unable to choose from a store's online catalog and must pick a game off of the shelves. Plus, at the end of the six-month period, you'll get to keep whatever the last title you checked out was.

GameStop will soon be starting a new service under an exciting rental scheme. You can usually only buy the games that are "hot" right now from RedBox machines, but you can also usually find them in remote, tiny towns where GameStop would never think of opening a store. You are only allowed to rent one pre-owned game at a time, and you must return it when you rent the next title.

Gamers can pop into any location, take home a pre-owned game and then simply exchange it for a new one when they're finished with it. That means practically any game is available to you because GameStop is the industry leader in video game trades. Both services are subscription-based, and both allow you to get your hands on nearly any kind of game you want, regardless of release date.

A rental subscription allows GameStop to offset its troves of pre-owmed game inventory while getting revenue from subscriptions.

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While this seems like a great deal on paper, a lot will depend on the stock levels for the newer games.

Only the PowerUp Rewards members would qualify for the Power Pass. We do, however, highly recommend such an account, as it includes a free subscription to Game Informer.

For now, if you like this new strategy of GameStop and wish to enroll for the Power Pass to can visit a nearest GameStop store.

This is an interesting move from GameStop, as it emulates rental services like GameFly.